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Need to gain technical Knowledge and latest trends about Android?

Choose Android training in chennai from our THINKIT TRAINING institute who provides complete mobile application
training with the real time scenarios Scroll down to get more ideas on android course, benefits and the duration involved



Android Training Covers
IOS Training
Mobile application, Android Mobile Development Engineer, and Android Mobile Developer. – Topics.
All these four courses combine as one course which will
brings you a job within 100 days!!!
You can attend these certifications after completing the
Android Training Course:
Android Application Development
Android Security Essentials
Monetize Android ATC
Salient Features
  • Easily get placement by this certification
  • Clear explanation by IT experts
  • Done the students final year project
  • Software Installation
  • Helps to answer the interview questions
  • Perform the EJB projects, frameworks and web designs
  • Affordable cost
  • Providing technical supports for students
  • Mock interview
  • Helps to configure the eclipse and android
  • Flexible batch timings
Topics Covered
  • Java fundamentals
  • Android significance
  • Android views & widgets
  • Android layouts
  • Android application components
  • Sqlite, Android setup
  • Intent filters
  • Broadcast receivers
  • SDK Overview
  • Android application frameworks
  • Linux kernel, Basic android User interface


Prerequisite skills needed for Android Training in Chennai
  • Must know the details about basics of Java
  • Know about Basic OOPS Concept
  • Must be Pursuing or Completed any computer based degree
  • Need basic details about Frameworks, Application development, Environments and Tools
  • Lol, you don’t have any knowledge in above languages, no worries we will teach you. 🙂


Our Training Video Reviews
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About Android

Android is Powered by linux , Initially Introduced by Google and later by Open Handset Alliance. Android Course in Chennai is a group of Classes that enables the learners to built most better android Applications, and there is huge Opportunity to meet the Audience, with your own Android Applications. Software’s Needed for this Android Applications are ,

  • JDK version 6
  • Android SDK( Version 4.x or 3.x)
  • Eclipse
  • Android Eclipse Plugin


Who are Capable attending Android training Chennai
  • Who are all the web developer want to shift their career in android app development.
  • Who are all finished any computer based degree
  • Who are all the person know Java programming knowledge
  • All the IT experts can attend this course


Android Course Duration

Regular Batch – Daytime, Morning and Evening
  • Time Duration : 45 hours


Weekend Batches – Saturday and Sunday & Holidays
  • Time Duration : 9 weeks


Fast Track course Training – (daily 5+ hours)
  • Time Duration : 2 weeks


Why Choose Think IT for Android Training in Chennai
  • All the projects are implemented and analyse the result with experts
  • The ratio of Trainer and Student in our ThinkIT Training institution is 1:2
  • Tools needed for Android App development is provided freely in our institution
  • All the training materials needed for android app development is provided with free of cost


Android Training Free Resources
Android Studio Download Link
1000+ Adroid Apps Source Code Free…!!!
Important Android Interview Questions
Android App Developing Cheat Sheet
Overview and History of Android
  • Mobile App Development in Android
  • Reason for why Android is Important and Different
  • Overview and basics of Android
  • Stacks in Android


Stack Overview
  • Linux Kernel Introduction
  • Working of Native Libraries
  • Virtual Machine detailed explanation
  • Application Framework
  • Applications


Overview of SDK
  • SDK Platforms
  • Tools
  • Versions and Installations of SDK
  • Architecture of SDK
  • Hello World Application


Creation of First Project
  • Creation of Manifest File
  • Resource Layout in Creation
  • Processing and Running the application on Emulator


Important Building Blocks of Android Applications
  • Introduction to Activities
  • Lifecycle of the Activity
  • Services and Intents
  • Content Providers and Broadcast Receivers


  • Introduction to Intent Filters
  • Responsibilities and Roles of the Filters
  • Role of Filters in Broadcast Dynamic Receivers


Android User Interface Overview
  • User Interface Creation Ways
  • Layouts and views of UI
  • common and useful user Interface Components
  • User events Handling
  • Resources Types
  • Accessing the Resources in Java and XML
  • Android Internationalization


Advanced User Interface Components
  • Components Selection
  • Complex and Simple UI Components
  • Dialogs and Menus
  • Animations and Adapters
  • Frame and Tween Animations
  • Frame Animation along with Audio


Fragments and Types of Adapters
  • Principles and working with Fragments
  • Adapters
  • Array Adapters
  • Base Adapters


#MODULE – 10
Overview of Android System
  • Preferences and File Systems
  • Security model and Notifications
  • Debugging Android Applications


#MODULE – 11
Data Storage and SQLITE Information
  • Internal Storages, files and Shared preferences
  • SD Card Storage( External)
  • SQLite Database Introduction
  • SQL Database
  • Creation of Database
  • SQLite Database, SQLite Open Helper, SQLite Statement
  • Opening a Database
  • Closing a Database
  • Working with cursor


#MODULE – 12
Content Providers Basics
  • MIME Types in Content Providers
  • Content Searching
  • Adding, removing and Changing content
  • Content file working


#MODULE – 13
Services and Broadcast Receivers
  • Introduction of Services and its types in Android
  • Service style Lifecycle
  • Implementation of a service
  • AIDL Introductions
  • Basics of Broadcast Receivers
  • Implementation of Broadcast Receivers


#MODULE – 14
Location GPS and Services
  • Working with Location Manager
  • Geo point, Map view, Map Activity, Over Clay
  • Location Listener, Map controller
  • Finding Current Location and Geocoding
  • Google maps and extensions


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