5 Actionable SEO Trends which Dominate SERP 2018


SEO Tips 2018

As we know the importance of SEO and its benefits which will make our impacts as best results. There are things which drastically changing throughout the year.

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When we are adapt with those changes we can bring up with the better traffic which in turns producing great ROI.

We are going to discuss with the topics which are listed as by below,

  • Website with Ultra speed
  • Increasing CTR (Rankbrain)
  • Featured Results and Snippets
  • Mobile Responsive Site
  • Remarketing with old Content

Okay we will discuss one by one for an efficient Webresults for 2018 which brings the better results. We are enabling with the best Digital Marketing Training to overcome with the best and effective marketing techniques.

  1. Superfast Website

As we know the importance of speed which we want to deliver to the users. We are at the digital age thereby we are having little bit patience to check with the results otherwise we will look upon with some other websites for better results

So the first thing is we have to make an best impression to the user as by fastest website. as by the surveys we will look upon the conclusion as below,

  • People those who are visiting the website will not wait longer than 1.60 seconds
  • Once the patience lost, bounce rate tends to increase
  • Increased Bounce Rate means less in Quality results and content
  • Less Conversions means Less Potential Visitors and Customers

Tools which helps to resolve Speed Problems

As there are many tools which is availed in the market which resolves the speed factor to deliver the information in an efficient manner. As they are listed as by follows,

Page Speed insights

  1. Increased CTR (Rankbrain Techniques)

As we know Rankbrain is one of the AI which impacts the great impacts in Google Algorithm to rating visitors metrics. actually it’s like a mathematical calculation which comprises how people interact with the search engines and all like why and what they are looking for?

So this AI will calculate the results which is searched through the Web as by date and records like how they are acquiring.

How does Rankbrain Impact with SEO?

Rankbrain is involved for ranking signal which impacts with SEO Results by delivering with the exact match of their search queries.

It works like delivering right content with acquisition of searching keyword phrases or search queries. So the thing is you have to match with the Keyword which has the most SV i.e.Optimised Content with Proper Keywords

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  1. Featured Snippets

When user search through the website like their queries, Featured Snippet will shows with the summary of quality and top ranked answers as above the SERP results

Featured Snippet

How it could benefit

If your website delivers with the snippet results, it seems that your website has been shorted over any other results.

It helps to display your answer on the top of the Knowledge Graph even other results are at top

By Providing this result it could be handy to click in ease which is essential at the top


  • Website Target with the right Keywords
  • quality and in depth content which is relevant to potential featured results
  • Create a page which comprises FAQ’s like that
  1. Mobile Responsive

Having Mobile responsive websites which satisfies User Friendly, optimised with quality content which serves as the Ranking signal

Mobile Friendly Sites

Tools to be implemented

Likewise Page Speed Insights, Mobile friendly test will resolves the errors and also suggestions to improve


  • Selecting with the Responsive Theme will lookup for the Mobile Friendly website
  • Optimising with the Content Layout
  • Create Mobile and Desktop version of your Website
  • Test your Website using Multiple browsers and mobile devices
  1. Republish with your Old Popular Content

Google webmaster tools enable you to monetize your website performance and actionable tips within your website. For example if your page contains low CTR, you have to update with content as much quality

Search Console

So by analysing with the Search console you have to focus with list of beloved actions for remarketing techniques.

  • Review with Analytics with entire Statistics
  • Choose with Best Performing Contents
  • Review with latest case studies and updates
  • Acknowledge with Viewers comment and all.
  • Make a viral content which satisfies the problem with previous version of content


These are the SEO trends which dominates your SERP results throughout 2018. Hope this article will be helpful by implementing with various techniques. And let us know your suggestions and reviews regarding these ideas. And finally pick up with proper learning space to evolve with booming Digital Marketing

Thanks and Regards,

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