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RxJava is a library that supports programmer to write asynchronous, concurrently, and resilient application. Using RxJava you write program in reactive programming paradigms. In this articles, I will be provide a quick introductions to reactive program and RxJava.

Before we dived into more detail of java, let’s see a real world examples.

Reactive program offers efficient executions and compositions by provide a collection of operator capable of filter, select, transforming, combining and compose Observable

The Observable data types can be thought of as a “pushes” equivalents to Iterable which is “pull”. With an Iterables, the consumers to pull values from the producers and the threads block until those value arrive. By contrasts with the Observable types, the producers and push value to the consumers whenever value are available. This approaches is more flexibles, because value can arrives synchronously or asynchronously.

The Observable type add two missing semantic to the Gang of Four’s Observer patterns, which are available in the Iterable types

  1. The ability for the producer to signal to the consumer that there is no more data available.
  2. The ability for the producers to signal to the consumers that an error has occur.

A Real World Examples of RxJava


Supposed you go to an ATM (Automated Teller Machine) to withdraw some money. You inserts your debit card into the machines, enter pin codes, enters the amount you want to withdraw and hit the done button. After hit the buttons there are two possible outcome:

  • Either the ATM has the request amount of cashes, in which case it will dispensed the cash to you. Once all the cash is dispense it will signals to you with a message about the successful transactions and completion.
  • The ATM does not have sufficiency with the cash left, in which cases it will signals with a message of transactions and failure.

In this examples, the ATM is a source, of cash, and you are the consumers, of cash. Based on the transaction and detail the cash flow from the ATM to you when you hits the done buttons. To use this examples to explain the concept below.

What is Reactive Programming

What is Reactive Programing

It is a styles of programming where you defines a sources of data and a consumers of that data. Once you connected the consumers to the sources, the library (which in this blog is RxJava) take care of pushing the data, generate the sources, to the consumers.

The above define talk about three important thing. I will be explain each of these in details.

  • Sources of data
  • Consumers of data
  • Connecting Consumers to Source

RxJava in Actions

RxJava in Actions

Let’s understanding each of the above-mentioning point using an examples and code written using RxJava. The intention and made the codes and verbose to highlights the detail. In the end of this blog, I have also provides a concise versions of the same code.

Sources of Data

Sources of Data

In ATM examples, the machines along with the configured transactions detail and serve as the sources. Similarly, in the java code examples of  Observable<T> represent a source. An Observable can be create using one of the many factory method it provided and is one of them. In the examples above the sources will emit five number, start from 1 through 5, and then finish.

Consumers of Data


Subscriber<T> serve as a consumers of data. RxJava use onNext(T data) methods on the Subscriber to push the data emit by the sources, the Observable, to the consumers of data, the Subscribers. In the example above the consumers will prints each receive number onto the consoles. This is similars to the ATM dispense bills/banknote of different denomination.

Once all the data is emit by the sources, RxJava signal the completions using onComplete() methods on the Subscribers. In the example above the consumers just print completely. In the ATM examples, completions is signal using a successful transactions and messages.

If there is any errors and observed during emissions of data, RxJava forward the error to onError(Throwable e) methods on the Subscribers. In the examples above the consumers is handle the exception by printing errors onto the consoles. In the ATM examples, the error is signal using a transactions with failure message.

Connect Consumers to Sources


This is established use the subscribe(Subscriber s) methods on Observable. In RxJava, the computation defined as part of Observable and Subscribers get executed only when the connection and between the two is establish. This mean that the computation are lazy. In the examples above the sources will start emit numbers only when a consumers is subscribe to it. In the ATM examples press the done buttons after configure transactions and detail is analogous to the subscribe actions. Till then no money is dispense by the machines.

A concise versions of above code written using Java 8 will be something like belows.


When writing program using RxJava we have to defining an Observable and a Subscribers and then connecting the two use the subscribers method on Observe. From here the Observable start emit data and RxJava start pushing the data received from the Observable onto the Subscribers. hope that this introduce should be enough to get you start with RxJava. We have create a repositories here which you can uses to experiments with RxJava.

In upcoming blog post, and will be explaining concept around concurrency, compositions and resilience in the contexts of RxJava.

About The Course

THINK IT Java Training in Chennai is designed for professionals and students  who want’s to be an Java Developer.And this is an 42 hour training course which will covers the all both advanced and core Java concepts Such as Collections, Servlets, JSP, Database connectivity, XMLHandling, Threads, Exception Handling, RxJava etc. THINK IT Java Training in Chennai will also learn the various Java frameworks such as Hibernate and Spring.
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Recent Helpful Tips and Tricks of Java Mon, 25 Apr 2016 04:22:01 +0000 Recent Helpful Tips and Tricks of Java

This is the major Java Tip of the week which is going to continue with some of the latest features which is introduced is Java 8. This java tip is based upon Date Time API. Have you yet coded with real time application without any kind of object usage. Time is the demanded one which will take more sense with the first class support. We can perform all kinds of operation with coding. Our experts offering you the best java training which is purely based upon the industry.

  • Future Java Language
  • Property Value
  • Binding Value
  • Observablelist
  • String Convertor
  • Mobile Application
  • Changes of Android Testing
  • Qark
  • Offensive Android with reverse Engineering
  • Java Calendar

Future Java Language

Many articles will predict the departure of java language. This language will continues you to evolve with times. However java 8 has many existing features. Java 8 lambdas are really the latest java feature. They will really did nice job with implementing lambdas. This will provide the new features which allow java to evolve the relevant programming languages. Our functional programming has become the great buzz in recent years. Java 8 lambdas will be the functional java programming. Some other fun trend is java community will rise some alternative Java Virtual Machine Language. Favorite Java language with groovy. JVM is actually obtain the crown jewel with java community. JVM will become more stable.  

JavaFX is the new standard library which can build the graphical application is java with the programmer which can stuck AWT. Some the latest feature tips are following which is used to build fast application.


Property Value

If you have spied around JavaFX component you should come across the team property. JavaFX Library which is observed the divider width, size & labeled text. This properties can come in two categories Readable and Writable. Readable value has the method which can allow you to receive the notification value. Writable value can change either using it directly by modifying the property value. JavaFX can handle the event processing each & every component which is depend upon the property.


For Example

// Readable

ExactBooleanvalue nameIsEmpty = name.isEmpty( );

// Writable

StringProperty name = new SimpleStringProperty(“Evil”);

Binding Value

If you have readable and writable value, you can start defining the rules with the related values. The property which is used to write the property which can bound the readable property & it can match the readable one. Bindings are not the immediate but they all can resolve the values which are observed. It can be directional or Bidirectional. It the value is bidirectional it obtain both the properties which is need to be writable.


NewField A= new TextField( );

NewField B= new TextField( );

A.preWidthproperty( ).bind(fieldB.widthProperty());


This property is not the only thing which can be observed. The member list can be observed with wrapped ObservableList. The most reaction model of ObservableList is the advanced thing. You can receive the modified list. 

For Sample observe list creating visit this link:


String Convertor

You can find the exact value with the recent components which you need to create a binding value. With the StringProperty path you can get the TextField. If you want to provide the observable property with the value can expressed.

Text dataLocation= new TextField( );

StringProperty location = dataLocation.textProperty( );


Mobile Application

Android runs in the branched version of this java language which can represent only the java significant presence using the mobile device. It is used no longer with the presence of the recent relationship. Java API stands on the shifting ground. We now live in Java 8  further changes are obtained with java 9 & 10. SE is java will quickly diverge the android counterpart.


Changes of Android Testing

Navigating the android testing, the landscape which can obtain the challenging search. Which will includes the unit test, instrumentation test and functional test also it’s devices are IDE and emulator. With the mobile engineer will gives you the great introduction with android testing which is used is JUnit runner & Espresso, the framework is used to simulate with the user interaction with some programmatically result.



This is used for security conscious of android developers. This is the static analysis tool with API defect which can be used with the wide variety of common vulnerabilities when developing the android application. This is used with validation of data leaks. This tool will decompiling the secure code to provide the automatic diagnoses issue.


Offensive Android with reverse Engineering

This is to receive enough attention with android development of reverse engineering. With proper security of android application the developer must be aware with some risky method which can be used by malicious adversaries. This will make many developers with collaborating security professionals.

Java Calendar


Java 8 which is working with Date & Time is not much easy task. In the oldest version of java the format is java.util.Date it is not the safe thread which can represent two digits. Now with the recent format you can replace it with java.util.Calendar with much better work. But is somewhat much more broken with java.util.Date. Displaying Date & Time is much exactly easy. It is mostly needed to use another object format has DateFormat. Favourite Calendar methods will includes the following

Add Calendar

Calendar yesterday= Calendar.getInstance( );

yesterday.add(Calendar.DAY_OF_Month, -1);

Calendar set

Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance( );

calendar.set(Calendar.MONTH, 10);

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Why Java is Best and 10 Reasons to Learn Java Programming Language Tue, 29 Mar 2016 09:50:33 +0000 why-java-is-best-and-10-reasons-to-learn-java-programming-language

First, java is a open source (Free) programming language developed by Sun Microsystems overtaken by the oracle . It’s free source code is available for the inside every  Java Development Kit (JDK)

Wow..Java is Best and Easy to learn

Many people  surprised to see this is one of top reason for learning Java, it as best programming language. If you have steep expectation to learn, it would be very difficult to get gainful in limited capacity to focus time, which is the situation with a large portion of professional projects.

Java is an Object Oriented Programming Language


Image Credits: Studytonight

Another reason, which build Java popular is that an OOPs language. Developing OOPS concepts is much easier, and it additionally keeps flexible, extensible and system modular. Once you have skills and knowledge of the OOPS concept such as Abstraction, Polymorphism, Inheritance, and  Encapsulation,  you can able to use all those methods  with Java.

Java has Rich API

One more reasons for Java programming language’s it’s a huge success of Rich API and the most importantly is an highly visible, because of come with an Java installation. Java offers API for networking, I/O, utilities, database connection, XML parsing, and almost everything.

Powerful development tools Ex: Eclipse, Netbeans

Image Credits: c4learn

Believe it or not, Java Netbeans and Eclipse  has played the huge role to build Java is one of the very best programming language. Programming in IDE it’s pleasure, particularly if you have  an coded in the  DOS  Notepad or Editor. They not only assist in code completion also offers powerful debugging capability and it’s essential for an real world development

Great collection of Open Source libraries

Open source libraries guarantees that Java should to be utilized all over the place. Google, Apache, and other association has contributed for the lot of incredible libraries, which builds Java advancement simple, quicker and financially

Wonderful community support

Community is the greatest quality of Java programming and platform. Regardless, How great a programming is, it wouldn’t survive, if there is no group to support, share and help  their learning. Java has been extremely fortunate, it has loads of open source associations , Stackoverflow, dynamic forums, and a few Java users Community to assist everything

Java is FREE

Individuals like FREE things, Why Don’t you? So if a software engineer need to take in a programming language, or an association needs to utilize an innovative technologies, COST is a critical component. Since Java is free from begin, If you don’t have to pay anything to make Java application. This FREE thing likewise helped Java to end-up famous among individual software engineers, and among vast associations

Javadocs – Excellent documentation support

When I saw first Javadoc, I was astounded. It’s awesome bit of documentation, which informs parcel of things regarding Java API. I think without Java documentation, Java would not be as mainstream, and is an one of principle reason, Why I thinking Java is the best programming language. Not each one has time and aim to take a intention at code to realize what a system do or how to utilize a class. Javadoc made adapting simple, and give a great reference while programming in Java

Java is Platform Independent

Java is Platform in 1990s, this was the primary reason of Java’s reach ability. Thought of stage autonomy is extraordinary, and tag line of Java “Write once and runs anywhere” was luring enough to draw in heaps of new developments in Java. Learn core java and advanced java training in Chennai with more expert trainers to conducted the online and classroom.

Java is Everywhere and Anywhere

Yes, Java is all over, it’s on desktop, it’s on portable, it’s on card, all around as is Java developers. I think Java developers out number some other programming language it’s professional

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Core Java Training In Chennai Wed, 22 Jul 2015 06:58:58 +0000 Core Java Training in chennai.
Java information processing system development is compact in size and versatile providing mounting decisions applicable for all forms of uses and environments. This powerful central management coding system permits configuring and alter units over the network. Centralized, shared application coding system means you will be ready to update thousands of users in minutes whereas not feat your table. Java technology may be a portfolio of product that area unit supported the power of networks and thus the conception that a similar coding system have to be compelled to run on many different forms of systems and devices. There area unit two main Java technologies usually used for developing internet applications servlet and JSP. Java internet technology (Servlet) provides internet application developers with an easy, consistent mechanism for extending the usefulness of a web server and for accessing existing business systems. A servlet can nearly be thought of as Associate in Nursing program that runs on the server facet whereas not a face. Java servlets build many internet applications potential and reduce the net development effort. Together, JSP technology and servlets provides a pretty completely different|completely different} to different varieties of dynamic internet development scripting programming by giving platform independence, accumulated performance, separation of logic from show, straightforward administration, extensibility into the enterprise, and, most importantly, easy use. Java application development helps developer to place in writing on one platform and runs on completely different platform nearly. It creates programs to run among a web browser and internet services. Java language helps to create very bespoken application or services. JSP Associate in Nursing Java integration is a cost-effective applications for mobile phones, remote processors, shopper product and also the different digital device. It helps in developing server-side applications for on-line forums, stores, polls, hypertext markup language forms method.
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