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Online Selenium Training in chennai could be a whole and providing quality antioxidant on-line and offline trainings for college students in world wide.
Online Selenium Training in chennaig providing Best antioxidant on-line coaching in Hyderabad, Pakistan, India, USA, UK, Australia, UAE, Asian nation, Singapore, Kuwait
• Selenium IDE
• Core Java ideas
• Selenium Web Driver
• Page object model in antioxidant
• Testing framework
• Maven
• Jenkins
• Sample Project that reflects the important time project.
Selenium IDE:
• Properties of antioxidant IDE.
• Selenium IDE installation.
• Record and playback options.
• Identifying the weather
• Establishing checkpoints in take a look at cases victimization antioxidant IDE
Java Concepts:
• Introduction to JAVA
• OOPs idea.
• Conditional statements
• Loops
• Switch statement
• Break and continue statements
• Creating categories and Objects
• Data Types
• Operators in java
• Declaring variables and strategies
• Wrapper categories
• Method overloading
• Abstract strategies
• Constructors
• Constructor overloading
• Inheritance
a. Single inheritance
b. Multiple inheritance
c. structure inheritance
• Abstract categories
• Method preponderant
• Interfaces
• Collections in Java
a. List
b. Set
c. Map
• Reading surpass and Writing into surpass files victimization Java
• Selenium Web Driver
• Web Driver setting setup
• First automation program
• Interacting with Chrome, Firefox and i.e. browsers victimization Web Driver
• Synchronization in antioxidant
• Handling Input fields, buttons, dropdowns.
• Handling Check boxes, Radio buttons and Alerts.
• Handling Date picker
• Retrieving the information from the tables.
• Retrieving the information from the drop downs.
• Mouse over the weather and click on buttons
• Handling Multiple windows and Pop-ups
• Handling the Non-browser windows victimization Auto tool.
• Data Driven programming
• Taking the screenshots of unsuccessful take a look at cases.
• Reading the information from external files and victimization in take a look at cases
• Writing the take a look at results to check cases.
• Testing (Test frame work)
a. Testing installation
b. Creating take a look at cases in testing
c. Establishing check points in testing
d. Creating take a look at suites in testing
e. Running the take a look at suite victimization testing
f. HTML take a look at reports generation
g. Executing the take a look at cases on multiple browsers
a. Maven installation
b. Configuring the star with antioxidant project
c. Running the take a look at cases victimization the star
A Installing the Jenkins
b. Configuring the Jenkins with the antioxidant project
c. Building the project victimization the Jenkins.
d. Running the take a look at cases victimization the Jenkins.
e. Generating the reports
f. Auto programming the take a look at cases victimization Jenkins.
g. Emailing the reports mechanically victimization the Jenkins.
a. beginning antioxidant grid HUB
b. beginning antioxidant nodes
c. Cross browser testing victimization antioxidant GRID

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Manual Testing Training in Chennai Thu, 18 Jun 2015 09:51:52 +0000 We provides software Manual testing training in Chennai and it is rated as the best Manual testing Training in Chennai. Manual testing is a testing process that is carried out manually in order to find defects without the usage of tools or automation scripting. A test plan document is prepared that acts as a guide to the testing process in order to have the complete test coverage.
Manual QA testing is also required in the case of error handling and recovery in which the tester needs to be involved in test execution thus highlighting again on the significance of manual testing. Besides the cases listed above, manual QA testing is also called for while reconfiguring systems, installing some new software, which require manual intervention. It’s also much required to screen intricacies/errors associated with UI & workflows. Along with that, it’s also used in documentation. However, it must not be conducted during the last phases of SDLC.
It’s time for us to jump on to the next sub-topic-how to use manual testing. Let us take a glance at the how manual testing method is used. The process is screened and assessed across all phases of SDLC. However, the execution can go on simultaneously with the normal manual testing process. While test cases are prepared and executed, the supervisory authorities can continue using the results of that process. The testing of interface is then done between the users and application system. However, there are a large number of factors that impact the efficacy of manual QA testing such as test case completion degree and in-depth documentation done.
QTP or Quick Test Professional is a tool designed and developed by HP, to assist the testers in performing automated functional evaluation of software packages in a smooth as well as seamless way.
QTP developed by HP uses VB Script with a view to automating the applications. This means there is no need to install the scripting language as Windows OS comes up with an inbuilt scripting engine. Now, QTP comes with certain unique features that need to be discussed and understood.
The most prominent feature of the latest version (version 11) of QTP is that there is the provision of identifying the CSS based objects and the XPath. When we speak about object identification, it is not the customary object identification process that is seen in the QTP tools, but it comes with XPath as well as certain CSS identification properties.
The latest version has also come up with a changed getup that has made it more attractive than the previous ones. Particularly, there should be a special mention about the result viewing option of the latest version. It comes up with a visually appealing executive review page that contains summary data, a series of graphic figures like pie charts and stats for the current, as well as the previous test case runs. It also provides a quick link that takes the viewers to the results of the earlier runs.
The latest version also features syntax hints that provide the users the option of creating REG EX. Then there is the REV or Regular Expression Evaluator that can be used to test the regular expressions that have been created. Another prominent feature is the option of identifying the objects that are not only related to each other, but also to the other neighboring objects. It is due to this particular feature, that the version 11 of QTP has gone many a miles ahead of its predecessors in terms of reliability.
This is more prominent when things are compared with the ordinal identifiers. Objects that are identified with the ordinal identifiers are good. However, they can be trusted only when they maintain their respective relative positions in an application. As soon as these positions get altered, these ordinal identifiers lose their credibility and efficacy. With the introduction of VRI or Visual Relation Identifier, this limitation has been eliminated. We offers best Manual Testing training in chennai ISTQB with placement, the training will be full of practical basis with large number of case studies, live examples and with projects.

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Launch your Career in Software Testing Wed, 03 Jun 2015 14:16:34 +0000 Information about the quality of product or services under test method is provided to the stake holder is known as the software testing. Executing a software program or application for finding the software bugs is the process of software testing technique. Software testing provides an objective view of the software for understanding the risks of software implementation. Software testing is to meets the requirements and to respond correctly to all kinds of inputs. It can be installed and run in its intended environment. Software testing uses some test strategies that are feasible for the available resources and time. Software testing provides the information to the user about quality of software and failure risk. When and how the software testing is conducted is the overall approach of software development. Testing starts from software requirement gathering phase to deployment phase and it is never ended process.Launch your Career in Software Testing is a good choice in your career.

Software testing is highly demanded in IT Field and this the right time for the students and working professionals to join in best software testing training institute in Chennai with placement. Improve knowledge on software testing and placed in leading MNC’S company.

Testing under all combinations of inputs and test cases are not feasible with a simple software product is a basic problem of software testing. Software developers can’t test everything within the software product but they use the combinational test design to identify the coverage tests and this test design methods is to build the structured variation into their test.

TESTING METHODS             

Static Testing: The programming tools editor and compilers who checks the source code structure and syntax analysis is referred as static testing. Verification method involved in static testing.

Dynamic Testing: Executing programmed code with a given set of test cases is known as dynamic testing. Validation method involved in dynamic method.

White box Testing: This testing is used to test the internal structure of program and their working operations. White box testing is applied to unit, integration and system levels of the software testing process but it is regularly done at the unit level.

Black Box Testing: The functionality is examined without knowledge of internal implementation is referred as back box testing. Boundary value analysis, state transition tables, equivalence partitioning and model based testing are the methods included in black box testing.

Visual Testing: The ability to examine the software failure by seeing the information which it is presented to the developers is referred as visual testing. The quality of communication is increased dramatically by visual testing.

Grey Box Testing: Having knowledge of internal data structures and algorithms for designing test cases is involved in grey box testing. The tester is not necessary to access the software source codes.


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CROWN TO DEVELOP SKILLS ON SOFTWARE TESTING Wed, 03 Jun 2015 14:15:46 +0000 Evaluating a system or its components with intent to find whether the specified requirements are satisfies or not is the process of testing. It identifies the gaps, missing requirements and errors in contrary to the actual requirements. Types, methods and other related terms are explained under testing process. Software testing depends on the stakeholders of the projects and it process. Developers in IT companies also conduct software testing which is called as unit testing.

Most of the companies have separate testing engineer team to evaluate the developed software in given requirements. Software tester, project leader, software developer and end user are the professionals involved in testing process. People who test the software have different designations in different companies based on their experience and knowledge. It is not possible to test the software at any time during its software development life cycle.

This process can be started from requirement gathering phase to software delivery. It delivers the product from error free and also reduces the cost and time to rework. The developer perform the testing on completion of code is also known as testing. No one can able to say that software is fully tested and it is a never ending process. Verification and validation are the terms used in testing process. Verification ensures that the software system meets all the functionalities and validation ensures whether the functionality meets the intended behavior.

Most of the software development companies are hiring skilled and trained testing professional. Enroll course in best software training institute in Chennai, ADAYAR with placementand get placed in top MNC’S company. Software testing certificate is necessary for both students and working professionals.

Best quality of training is required for the students to understand the testing concept clearly. By taking course in the best software testing training institute will help them to get job in testing industry.


  • Time consuming
  • Too expensive
  • Possible to complete testing
  • Tested only fully developed products
  • Testers can missed the defects
  • Tested software is error free
  • Anyone can test software application
  • Testers are responsible for quality of product
  • Finding the bugs is only the task of testers
  • Test automation is used to reduce the time


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QUALITY ASSURANCE TRAINING IN SOFTWARE TESTING IN CHENNAI Wed, 03 Jun 2015 14:13:57 +0000 Quality assurance training in software testing in chennai is the integral part of software development. All the companies will be working very hard in developing and deploy with excellent performance. It is an application based on the customer’s specification with basic requirements of a business. It may also ruin the customer’s process in business as well as in developing company. Software testing is mainly a World Quality Report in investing more than testing and with quality assurance scheme with the need of customer expectations. We will be increasing with the future professionals of Software testing with positive note. Students who are looking for software testing can join here in Chennai at Think IT.


  • Low quality system with effective performance and with simple issues will get negative responsive from the end users.
  • Competition with mobile apps development and software development will be massive. Competitors are more and the product will get more advantages continuously.
  • It develops with new application and more cost will be given. The software industry does not meet any customer specification that leads to revenue loss.
  • Software quality assurance can be amalgamated along with the development of software life cycle.
  • Identify bugs and all other issues are with performance. All the development will be decreased with the development cost.


  • Independent testing vs. in-house
  • Cloud testing
  • Mobile testing and
  • Agile testing


It is mainly based on quality word report. It has the efficient software development companies used for functional testing. It integrates with business development from the start.

Independent testers are the third party company in testing. All the application done here will be completed under the test that is validated by leading software testers. It is to identify the functional issues and performance. It mainly includes manual and automation testing that become an incontrovertible part in software development.


It is the second big thing in the IT industry. The usage of cloud technology keeps on increasing along with the demand of cloud testing will be increasing. Professionals of cloud testing will pay attention in the following factors,

  • Stress testing
  • Bandwidth testing
  • Consonance testing
  • Latency testing and
  • Performance and Load testing


It is the boost for testing field. Mobile users have become advanced and success with an app and also validated. Quality report will be more than 55% mobile app development companies by carrying mobile app testing. It is going to be the business future and target the users in marketing the products and services. As per the recent survey mobile development is increased to 48% of mobile app testers. It also increases the career prospects with the talented professionals.


It is followed in software development industry as it becomes most important process with software development industry. It is primarily integrated with the life cycle of development.

  • Testing and development training will be followed continuously with the entire development of expense and time.
  • Software testing professionals have full members for development team.
  • Coding and testing can be done at the consistent basis in determining the software application performance and with functionality.
  • Automation testing covers only the important phase in testing process.

We are one of the best software training institutes in Chennai. Make your dreams true by joining Software testing Training institutes in Chennai. We offer professional software testing courses like selenium training, QTP training, manual testing and load runner training by leading and experienced professionals as per the industry standards.

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Intoducting More Innovation For Software Testing Wed, 03 Jun 2015 14:11:52 +0000 Many researches have done with the functions of human brain. One of the interesting things about the brain that is does the ability to do auto pilot mode. They have a number of things that have learned without thinking about them much. Generally in every activity that will a good activity. Now let us Intoducting More Innovation For Software Testing as example for the activity that a tester do. The activity of the tester is not necessary. It helps in creation of a network, application and exportation of file, saves and tends to make the ways of doing the things. Test plans will be limited in terms of the steps that are followed in achieving a goal. It mainly deals with the developers and limits the effectiveness in rising the challenging of defects and function way will be implemented. The similarities and patterns will be the same and aloe the users to allow the experience in solving their problems. It tends to stop the new ways and solve the problems.

It follows and faces the new challenges to function the tests. Our main intention is to find the perfect solution that the chances are used only once. The behavior becomes more implemented with new ideas. We tried on various forums that are used for more innovating testers. Software testing is used for identifying the service and product for software testing functions. It is otherwise known as system testing and hardware testing. It is not the tests but the design for functioning the tests and also the behavior. It is done only on the systems. We also understand the problems with software execution by testing process.

It provides the information about the product failure and this information is helpful in correcting the software development. It includes verification and code execution with different environments.

Methods of testing

There are only two methods in testing like

  • Dynamic and
  • Static

In dynamic approach it checks the syntax and data flow with the help of editors. In static method it is possible for validation and verification. One of the main uses is to provide software bugs freely. It identifies the report bugs and also helps the number of bugs used in the codes. So testing will be performed in each and every stage from creation of software and includes coding, design and development etc. all the software development team is not included with the testing team because they play with various parts for testing.

We are the top training in Chennai with placement. It also provides the excellent Software testing training in Chennai with experienced trainers. We will train with business needs. Once you complete the course in IT requirements and experts have powerful experience to share with clear idea to gain better knowledge. After completion of the course we provide course completion certificate to all the students.  We also provide excellent training with lab facilities that will help each and every student to work on their own. For gain more ideas join Software testing training in Chennai at our institute and we will make you to shine in their profession.

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