Evaluating a system or its components with intent to find whether the specified requirements are satisfies or not is the process of testing. It identifies the gaps, missing requirements and errors in contrary to the actual requirements. Types, methods and other related terms are explained under testing process. Software testing depends on the stakeholders of the projects and it process. Developers in IT companies also conduct software testing which is called as unit testing.

Most of the companies have separate testing engineer team to evaluate the developed software in given requirements. Software tester, project leader, software developer and end user are the professionals involved in testing process. People who test the software have different designations in different companies based on their experience and knowledge. It is not possible to test the software at any time during its software development life cycle.

This process can be started from requirement gathering phase to software delivery. It delivers the product from error free and also reduces the cost and time to rework. The developer perform the testing on completion of code is also known as testing. No one can able to say that software is fully tested and it is a never ending process. Verification and validation are the terms used in testing process. Verification ensures that the software system meets all the functionalities and validation ensures whether the functionality meets the intended behavior.

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