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  • The Salesforce is a Caching information of the customer side extensive lesson on the wide range of variety and server enhance the performance of your Lightning components. The Salesforce Training in Chennai has the Lightning issue of Framework and could access with the server data the maintenance of the both server moves or Lightning information service. The Salesforce Server actions has guide with the non obligatory and consumer side caching of the Lightning statistics service for the constructed on pinnacle advanced customer caching mechanism. In this service has become on focus with server moves and explore the way of cache the responsible server files and approaches with the patron side and enhance the overall performance of your utility.
  • In a Salesforce Cloud Platform server motion is an Apex approach and remotely invoke with your Lightning things. A Salesforce storable motion is a server movement reaction for the patron cache and equal request for the identical server approach with the same set of arguments that to be accessed with the cache files.

  • If an cloud movement with marked as storable that salesforce  framework robotically returns from the reaction to patron caches for without delay available to the aspect from the display or processing. The framework may be call the server approach and the heritage with responsible  invoke by the movement of callback functions.

What must you cache?

  • The Caching is an alternative performance of salesforce cloud information freshness. The fact of event  and without framework caching files can be a issue and assured sparkling informations. The facts that may be additionally modified by the time for response to reaches from the caches.
  • The Salesforce storable movements and characteristic of mitigates with the possibility of state information that  its accept as true with and affirm  version. The Server cached reaction of older than the refresh age and more youthful expiration age, it is back to the element of  framework and also verifies that the facts sparkling  and creating a name of the server inside the historical past.
  • The Salesforce is a general guidelines of cache the mark as storable and any action that to be developed  and non-mutating.
  • An Salesforce motion is the motion that produces to the equal parts of result whilst known as more than one times.

getPage(1) is idempotent and must be cached

getNextPage() isn’t idempotent and ought to no longer to be cached

Storable Actions Vs Lightning Statistics Provider Vs Custom Caches

  • The Salesforce Server moves can be entry to records from the usage of a traditional carrier techniques. If You enforced a good judgments of Apex that you expose the remotely invocable methods. The Storable actions allows to  you server cache and without a doubt group of records  and a composite objects to custom statistics structure with lower back  informations.
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Introduction to RxJava Mon, 02 May 2016 04:27:13 +0000 Introduction to RxJava

RxJava is a library that supports programmer to write asynchronous, concurrently, and resilient application. Using RxJava you write program in reactive programming paradigms. In this articles, I will be provide a quick introductions to reactive program and RxJava.

Before we dived into more detail of java, let’s see a real world examples.

Reactive program offers efficient executions and compositions by provide a collection of operator capable of filter, select, transforming, combining and compose Observable

The Observable data types can be thought of as a “pushes” equivalents to Iterable which is “pull”. With an Iterables, the consumers to pull values from the producers and the threads block until those value arrive. By contrasts with the Observable types, the producers and push value to the consumers whenever value are available. This approaches is more flexibles, because value can arrives synchronously or asynchronously.

The Observable type add two missing semantic to the Gang of Four’s Observer patterns, which are available in the Iterable types

  1. The ability for the producer to signal to the consumer that there is no more data available.
  2. The ability for the producers to signal to the consumers that an error has occur.

A Real World Examples of RxJava


Supposed you go to an ATM (Automated Teller Machine) to withdraw some money. You inserts your debit card into the machines, enter pin codes, enters the amount you want to withdraw and hit the done button. After hit the buttons there are two possible outcome:

  • Either the ATM has the request amount of cashes, in which case it will dispensed the cash to you. Once all the cash is dispense it will signals to you with a message about the successful transactions and completion.
  • The ATM does not have sufficiency with the cash left, in which cases it will signals with a message of transactions and failure.

In this examples, the ATM is a source, of cash, and you are the consumers, of cash. Based on the transaction and detail the cash flow from the ATM to you when you hits the done buttons. To use this examples to explain the concept below.

What is Reactive Programming

What is Reactive Programing

It is a styles of programming where you defines a sources of data and a consumers of that data. Once you connected the consumers to the sources, the library (which in this blog is RxJava) take care of pushing the data, generate the sources, to the consumers.

The above define talk about three important thing. I will be explain each of these in details.

  • Sources of data
  • Consumers of data
  • Connecting Consumers to Source

RxJava in Actions

RxJava in Actions

Let’s understanding each of the above-mentioning point using an examples and code written using RxJava. The intention and made the codes and verbose to highlights the detail. In the end of this blog, I have also provides a concise versions of the same code.

Sources of Data

Sources of Data

In ATM examples, the machines along with the configured transactions detail and serve as the sources. Similarly, in the java code examples of  Observable<T> represent a source. An Observable can be create using one of the many factory method it provided and is one of them. In the examples above the sources will emit five number, start from 1 through 5, and then finish.

Consumers of Data


Subscriber<T> serve as a consumers of data. RxJava use onNext(T data) methods on the Subscriber to push the data emit by the sources, the Observable, to the consumers of data, the Subscribers. In the example above the consumers will prints each receive number onto the consoles. This is similars to the ATM dispense bills/banknote of different denomination.

Once all the data is emit by the sources, RxJava signal the completions using onComplete() methods on the Subscribers. In the example above the consumers just print completely. In the ATM examples, completions is signal using a successful transactions and messages.

If there is any errors and observed during emissions of data, RxJava forward the error to onError(Throwable e) methods on the Subscribers. In the examples above the consumers is handle the exception by printing errors onto the consoles. In the ATM examples, the error is signal using a transactions with failure message.

Connect Consumers to Sources


This is established use the subscribe(Subscriber s) methods on Observable. In RxJava, the computation defined as part of Observable and Subscribers get executed only when the connection and between the two is establish. This mean that the computation are lazy. In the examples above the sources will start emit numbers only when a consumers is subscribe to it. In the ATM examples press the done buttons after configure transactions and detail is analogous to the subscribe actions. Till then no money is dispense by the machines.

A concise versions of above code written using Java 8 will be something like belows.


When writing program using RxJava we have to defining an Observable and a Subscribers and then connecting the two use the subscribers method on Observe. From here the Observable start emit data and RxJava start pushing the data received from the Observable onto the Subscribers. hope that this introduce should be enough to get you start with RxJava. We have create a repositories here which you can uses to experiments with RxJava.

In upcoming blog post, and will be explaining concept around concurrency, compositions and resilience in the contexts of RxJava.

About The Course

THINK IT Java Training in Chennai is designed for professionals and students  who want’s to be an Java Developer.And this is an 42 hour training course which will covers the all both advanced and core Java concepts Such as Collections, Servlets, JSP, Database connectivity, XMLHandling, Threads, Exception Handling, RxJava etc. THINK IT Java Training in Chennai will also learn the various Java frameworks such as Hibernate and Spring.
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PHP is a very looked for after innovation in the website design industry. With more organizations going on the web, the interest for profoundly responsive, dynamic sites have gone taking off in the course of recent years. PHP programming language has ended up being a favored decision for engineers who wish to create sites that take into account the necessities of organizations in the most suitable way. Organizations are frantically looking for gifted ability which is additionally one reason why they are favoring hopefuls with an endorsement in PHP Professional Training.

How a PHP Training can Help Budding Developers?

Be it for little estimated organizations or medium measured organizations, the pattern has moved towards open source stages. Open source stages like PHP demonstrate practical, as well as offer adaptability and adaptability which is crucial for future development. Hence, organizations need learned and qualified experts why should capable use such advancements to the most ideal degree. An expert preparing in PHP instructs the competitor about coding, as well as gives hands-on preparing which is urgent to get saw in the expert world.

There are enormous openings for work in the present day IT industry as a PHP software engineer contrasted with what was accessible a couple of years prior. Preparing establishments are getting on this chance to demonstrate the right way striving for hopefuls. They are enlisting specialists from the business to prepare the understudies and guide them towards an effective career. The preparation offers the students to improve their insight some assistance with regarding diverse structures like Zend, CodeIgniter and CakePHP and additionally prepares them to comprehend the all through’s customer side and server side security.

How a PHP Training can Help Budding Developers

Organizations dependably favor applicants with authentication in Web Design and Development Courses essentially in light of the fact that it includes believably. It is a proof of the way that the applicant is learned with respect to the innovation in concern. Aside from that, it additionally gives the impression to the business that the individual being met has an enjoying towards this subject and energy to grow a profession in this area.


PHP preparing is for trying or current PHP developers who need to make a career in web technologies. It gives more offices that HTML gives. At the point when utilized as a part of conjunction with MySQL, this web scripting language permits the creation and adjustment of databases on the server as well. Web developers utilize these tools in mix to make capable custom sites and databases. With regards to learning, there is parcels to learn, however it can be learnt! The accompanying is the way to begin.


Understand the Concepts

Comprehend the ideas basic PHP and MySQL. The previous is a scripting dialect that permits web engineers to create intuitive scripts. These scripts are executed on the web server. The outcomes are come back to the customer, or the viewer, or the end client by method for HTML. This sort of customer server communication empowers the making of client centered sites. PHP is likewise utilized to gather client data, oversee session and element treats, scramble information etc.

Understand the Concepts


Learning PHP at a preparation focus is superior to anything learning it all alone. Be that as it may, to begin learning, having a fundamental comprehension of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is vital. This is on account of scripts written in PHP change to HTML and CSS when sent to the customer, by method for the program.


Utilizing the tools

Begin downloading so as to compose PHP scripts and MySQL database inquiries a few tools. A committed coding editorial manager makes life simple with regards to overseeing scripts, despite the fact that PHP can be composed in any word processor. Notepad++, NetBeans, Eclipse, Komodo Edit are some well known editors. There are some paid projects too, for example, Adobe Dreamweaver, PHP Designer, PhpStorm and so on.

Begin off by making a fundamental ECHO script. Select for a modern preparing in Chennai and begin composing PHP scripts. Take a few to get back some composure of the sentence structure, language essentials, and server side handling learning. With this pre-experience, be prepared to apply for employments after PHP preparing.

Utilizing the tools


Among different scripting language, for example, Java, Python and that’s just the beginning, designers have an inclination towards PHP for the most part as a result of the few advantages it offers. Few have been recorded beneath:

  • Above all else, PHP is an open source, free language and there is no compelling reason to buy it.
  • Contrasted with different other programming language like ASP.NET, C, C++, and so on. PHP is generally simpler and even individuals with no specialized expertise can utilize it after some preparation.
  • Various broadly utilized databases like dBase, MySQL, InterBase, IBM DB2, SQLite, etc.
  • It is a stage autonomous programming language and keeps running crosswise over broadly utilized working frameworks, for example, Windows, Mac OS, UNIX and LINUX .
  • Malevolent assaults and dangers can be effortlessly anticipated with its various security layers.


About  Making a Career Out of it? It’s  that Hard..!

There are a lot of very much certify organizations that offer PHP Training in Chennai classes. The courses are fundamentally partitioned into two levels: learner and progressed. Despite the fact that anyone willing to build up their profession as a PHP designer can decide on the learner course at the same time, the propelled course is perfect for those with a little information of article arranged programming alongside center PHP substance.

These web development courses give the applicants with the fundamental learning and aptitudes that are most looked for after by bosses. The interest for gifted PHP software engineers have expanded generously in the course of recent years and the pattern is relied upon to proceed. Those with a formal preparing added to their repertoire certainly get an edge when contrasted with the individuals who exclusively depend on their working learning.

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Top 15 Do’s and  Don’ts of Email Marketing Thu, 28 Apr 2016 07:41:20 +0000 Top 15 Do’s and Don'ts of Email Marketing copy

Email Marketing is a way of marketing directly a most commercial messages  to a wide of group of peoples with the aid of Emails. Each and every mail that are send to a current customer and a group of people is known to be Email Marketing.In practice all receive lots and lots of marketing based emails each and every day , but how many have a look over it? Many of them will delete all the emails without opening it.  Some of the Main Benefits of Email Marketing are, it is Targeted, Increases the Brand Awareness, it is easily shareable, Measurable and cost effective.

1. Do Use Targeting and Segmentation

Targeting and Segmentation

Perform Segmentation as per preferences, behavior , demographics and personalize all the respective emails  that you send to fit the interest and preferences of all the recipients. You also target all your audience as per the languages, interest, business and much more.

2.Do Use Templates to Engage recipients

Use Header and Pre-header for your corresponding campaign’s body. This will be an very good idea to reinforce all your messages. All the brand related elements should be clear and and combined with the imaginary one. All your emails should be in the way of answering all the FAQ’s  highlighting the sales channels, Main Services and also including all the recognizable call to action ways.


3.Do adding more animations

Most of the people love images rather than text, if animations, gifs, videos included in your email surely that will stand out of all other emails. Email based Communication are more powerful for the purpose of storytelling, showing that all your business makes us of full effort that helps in communicating to the next level.


4.Do make Integration in Multiple ways

It is a most vital one  for all other channels of your business will be cohesive one, example offline communication, social media sites and email based campaigns. With your brand all the channels and the images must be consistent.


5.Do tracking of all your campaigns

All your campaigns can be tracked from your respective email software automatically with the help of Google Analytic’s. It is most important to start your corresponding Email campaigns, that based upon the information or the data .

Do tracking of all your campaigns

6.Do add Multiple Avenues to the contact

Including Social Links ,phone number and the other related forms of the contact offers more flexibility to the respective readers and encourages the engagement from the customers. By using this way you can remind all your audience that they also can engage with all your corresponding brand on the platforms.

Do add Multiple Avenues to the contact

7.Do usage of an Welcome and Goodbye email

The best thing for your Welcome mail is to have a simple list of what the customer is expecting from your side and the respective campaigns will offer him with an benefits such as incentives for being subscribed ,discount related codes and offers. An automated Goodbye email also need to be customized . By this way you can also get your respective feedback and can prevent unsubscribes.


8.Do take into the respective accounts in customized needs

For an instance, if a customer buys a product, then it will be not be an appropriate one to continue mailing him regarding that same product.


9.Don’t send your mail without prior testing

For the purpose of improving your response A/B test is a must one. Test your overall mail, subject lines, landing pages and the tracking and all the corresponding email elements. Making a mistake is a very simple one, so be patient and careful. Before sending also check how your  email is looking in different browsers and in different devices.


10.Don’t Omit the power of the mobile devices

Mobile Optimized emails are need to be send and prefer the templates that are device friendly. All the respective mail Software companies will offer this with one click.


11.Don’t have many Goals in one Campaign

Hybrid emails with many elements are the best practice, so, the sender should not overload multiple goals in a single email. This makes confusions and take your customer away from your goal.


12.Don’t  protect the Unsubscribe Links

Each and every mail should contain an unsubscribe link, make more easy for the people to leave your all list if they need.


13.Don’t Dispatch mails for a long list of members-use ( CC function )

Though it seems to be more convenient to send a large list of mails in a way, but each and every user will not wish their mails to displayed everywhere, and this will be one of the spam method of performing this action.


14.Don’t Send Mails Frequently

It is very important to note down the frequency of the mails that you are sending. One of the most common thing is to send all your newsletters once for a month or you can also try a regular schedule. If you send mails in perfect time duration’s you will get an more responses from your customers.


15.Don’t forget to clean your list

The list hygiene and the sender score will destroy your account reputation and deliver ability. You should remove bounced, unsubscribed and invalid mail address , that will prevent from harming.


Individual and Corporate Digital Marketing Training in Chennai, India

Digital Marketing is an marketing of products/promotion/Company/services of a Brand/ via one or different online marketing channels Contains SEO (search engine optimization), blogging, affiliate marketing, ppc google adwords, video marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, customer service and online reputation management.

Developing a successful digital marketing/web plan is an both art and science, contains in-depth knowledge of inbound/web/digital/ marketing along with the ideas around. How to plan, What’s the plan, How to use right resources, How is collaborate marketing skills, effectively communicate the plan and execute it.

Digital Marketing Training in Chennai is ideal for the anyone who love’s to understand the various online marketing functional in order & start the digital marketing progress / career in online business. And a digital marketing Course will guide you in the way of: How to’s, Who, Why, What, and When of a successful digital/web marketing planning, executio

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All that You Need to Know about PHP 7 Thu, 28 Apr 2016 05:38:54 +0000 Things-You-Need-to-Know-About-PHP-Latest-Version

All that You Need to Know about PHP 7

PHP 7 is out, and you likely have a couple questions. Here’s a gander at contrasts from PHP 6, why PHP 7 happened, what’s new, and more!

PHP 7 is the most recent version of the standard programming language PHP. There are some critical contrasts between PHP 7 and the past version of the language, PHP 5.6. How about we examine the responses to probably the most widely recognized inquiries regarding PHP 7.  PHP 7 offers quick execution for websites & online apps.

  • Shouldn’t something be said about PHP 6?
  • What Drove the Need for PHP 7?
  • What Is New in PHP 7?
  • Return Types
  • Spaceship Operator
  • Other Syntax Changes
  • How Do I Upgrade to PHP 7?

Shouldn’t something be said about PHP 6?

 Shouldn't something be said about PHP 6?

Try not to stress, you didn’t miss the last version. In 2005, the PHP group began taking a shot at the improvement of PHP 6, yet the undertaking slowed down. As the years passed by, the notoriety of PHP 6 crumbled to the point that the group no more needed to keep utilizing the name. In this way, the version of the language that in the end supplanted PHP 5.6 was given the name PHP 7.

What Drove the Need for PHP 7?


PHP is a to a great degree well known programming language. Made in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf, PHP has developed in prominence to the degree that today, about 82 percent of sites use PHP, which implies that a large portion of the Web depends on the language to at any rate some degree. With an expanding number of individuals coming internet, including a quickly developing number of versatile clients who frequently depend on moderately moderate 3G connections, it is essential for the servers that power the world’s sites to have the capacity to respond rapidly to client demands. Examines demonstrate that 40 percent of individuals will surrender a site page that takes over three seconds to stack, exhibiting that speed is a vital component in site design.

What Is New in PHP 7?

new-in-php 7

  • The feature change connected with PHP 7 is the huge change in execution.
  • Generally twice as quick as PHP 5.6, PHP 7 can contend with current contenders to immaculate PHP, for example, Facebook’s Hip Hop Virtual Machine – HHVM.
  • Actually, for Drupal clients, PHP 7 offers considerably speedier execution than HHVM, with the additional advantage of not expecting to utilize a virtual machine to execute the PHP source code.
  • Additionally, when PHP 7 keeps running on WordPress 4.1.1, it can execute twice the same number of requests every second as the same stage running PHP 5.6.
  • Notwithstanding better execution, the accompanying specialized changes show up in PHP 7.
  • Designers ought to acclimate themselves with these progressions on the off chance that they expect to change over to utilizing PHP 7 for their web improvement ventures.

Return Types


Return types, a typical component in most other programming languages, have at long last been acquainted with PHP. This implies developers can now determine the sort of variable that a capacity ought to return. In PHP 7, the return type is indicated after the end bracket of the contention list.

Spaceship Operator


One fascinating change to the syntax structure of PHP 7 is the presentation of the spaceship administrator, which you can use to rapidly and helpfully look at two expressions. Utilize this administrator as takes after:

a <=> b

  • On the off chance that an is not as much as b, this expression yields – 1
  • On the off chance that an is equivalent to b, this expression yields 0
  • On the off chance that an is more noteworthy than b, this expression yields 1

Utilizing this administrator to think about variables requires a great deal less writing than coding numerous tests with the customary not exactly (<), equivalent to (==) and (>) more prominent than administrators do.

Other Syntax Changes


Numerous other minor parts of PHP syntax structure have likewise changed in the move from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7. The accompanying alterations are in reverse good, which implies that designers who have already worked in PHP 5.6 should upgrade their code on the off chance that they need it to work under PHP 7.

To see points of interest of other in reverse incompatible changes that have been presented in PHP 7, visit to download the documentation for the new language variant. This documentation clarifies the specialized advances that show up in PHP 7 in point of interest and can be a helpful instructional pamphlet for designers who are customizing in PHP 7 surprisingly.

How Do I Upgrade to PHP 7?


PHP 7 is the most critical upgrade that has influenced the PHP scripting language in over 10 years. Hence, updating existing code to PHP 7 accompanies a couple challenges. Be that as it may, the prize — much speedier execution and less general interest on your web servers — is justified regardless of the exertion of redesigning. upgrading.

To start with, you have to ensure that any libraries that your PHP project uses are accessible for PHP 7. In the event that the libraries don’t yet support PHP 7, you might need to hold off on upgrading for some time, or check whether it is conceivable to evacuate reliance on those libraries.

PHP 7 is a noteworthy upgrade contrasted with the last stable version of the language, PHP 5.6. Despite the fact that upgrading your code from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7 includes precisely checking for incompatibilities, both in your code and in any libraries on which your code relies on upon, the advantages of moving up to PHP 7 try extremely advantageous. PHP 7 performs much speedier than PHP 5.6, which permits destinations that utilization the new form of the language to offer vastly improved support of their clients.

Who We Are?

Think IT is advised to be the best PHP Training Institute in Chennai as we offer courses that are intelligent and additionally useful. We offer students some assistance with getting prepared in every one of the angles keeping in mind the end goal to increase effective learning about the web ideas and use.

Our middle conveys the finest learning with the PHP training Course that we give in Chennai. We tune up your brains with adequate down to earth guiding that cuts you profession to be your preferred best. We are the best suppliers of PHP Training in Chennai with 100% placement assistance.

]]> 0 Recent Helpful Tips and Tricks of Java Mon, 25 Apr 2016 04:22:01 +0000 Recent Helpful Tips and Tricks of Java

This is the major Java Tip of the week which is going to continue with some of the latest features which is introduced is Java 8. This java tip is based upon Date Time API. Have you yet coded with real time application without any kind of object usage. Time is the demanded one which will take more sense with the first class support. We can perform all kinds of operation with coding. Our experts offering you the best java training which is purely based upon the industry.

  • Future Java Language
  • Property Value
  • Binding Value
  • Observablelist
  • String Convertor
  • Mobile Application
  • Changes of Android Testing
  • Qark
  • Offensive Android with reverse Engineering
  • Java Calendar

Future Java Language

Many articles will predict the departure of java language. This language will continues you to evolve with times. However java 8 has many existing features. Java 8 lambdas are really the latest java feature. They will really did nice job with implementing lambdas. This will provide the new features which allow java to evolve the relevant programming languages. Our functional programming has become the great buzz in recent years. Java 8 lambdas will be the functional java programming. Some other fun trend is java community will rise some alternative Java Virtual Machine Language. Favorite Java language with groovy. JVM is actually obtain the crown jewel with java community. JVM will become more stable.  

JavaFX is the new standard library which can build the graphical application is java with the programmer which can stuck AWT. Some the latest feature tips are following which is used to build fast application.


Property Value

If you have spied around JavaFX component you should come across the team property. JavaFX Library which is observed the divider width, size & labeled text. This properties can come in two categories Readable and Writable. Readable value has the method which can allow you to receive the notification value. Writable value can change either using it directly by modifying the property value. JavaFX can handle the event processing each & every component which is depend upon the property.


For Example

// Readable

ExactBooleanvalue nameIsEmpty = name.isEmpty( );

// Writable

StringProperty name = new SimpleStringProperty(“Evil”);

Binding Value

If you have readable and writable value, you can start defining the rules with the related values. The property which is used to write the property which can bound the readable property & it can match the readable one. Bindings are not the immediate but they all can resolve the values which are observed. It can be directional or Bidirectional. It the value is bidirectional it obtain both the properties which is need to be writable.


NewField A= new TextField( );

NewField B= new TextField( );

A.preWidthproperty( ).bind(fieldB.widthProperty());


This property is not the only thing which can be observed. The member list can be observed with wrapped ObservableList. The most reaction model of ObservableList is the advanced thing. You can receive the modified list. 

For Sample observe list creating visit this link:


String Convertor

You can find the exact value with the recent components which you need to create a binding value. With the StringProperty path you can get the TextField. If you want to provide the observable property with the value can expressed.

Text dataLocation= new TextField( );

StringProperty location = dataLocation.textProperty( );


Mobile Application

Android runs in the branched version of this java language which can represent only the java significant presence using the mobile device. It is used no longer with the presence of the recent relationship. Java API stands on the shifting ground. We now live in Java 8  further changes are obtained with java 9 & 10. SE is java will quickly diverge the android counterpart.


Changes of Android Testing

Navigating the android testing, the landscape which can obtain the challenging search. Which will includes the unit test, instrumentation test and functional test also it’s devices are IDE and emulator. With the mobile engineer will gives you the great introduction with android testing which is used is JUnit runner & Espresso, the framework is used to simulate with the user interaction with some programmatically result.



This is used for security conscious of android developers. This is the static analysis tool with API defect which can be used with the wide variety of common vulnerabilities when developing the android application. This is used with validation of data leaks. This tool will decompiling the secure code to provide the automatic diagnoses issue.


Offensive Android with reverse Engineering

This is to receive enough attention with android development of reverse engineering. With proper security of android application the developer must be aware with some risky method which can be used by malicious adversaries. This will make many developers with collaborating security professionals.

Java Calendar


Java 8 which is working with Date & Time is not much easy task. In the oldest version of java the format is java.util.Date it is not the safe thread which can represent two digits. Now with the recent format you can replace it with java.util.Calendar with much better work. But is somewhat much more broken with java.util.Date. Displaying Date & Time is much exactly easy. It is mostly needed to use another object format has DateFormat. Favourite Calendar methods will includes the following

Add Calendar

Calendar yesterday= Calendar.getInstance( );

yesterday.add(Calendar.DAY_OF_Month, -1);

Calendar set

Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance( );

calendar.set(Calendar.MONTH, 10);

What can THINK IT do for you?

At THINK IT, we have more experience in assisting people to pass the certification examinations. Not just for an OC JCP, but also more advanced. You can contact any time for us individual or company training.


We won’t provide a 100% guarantee you will pass (although THINK IT’s Java Training in Chennai can show you excellent passing rates). We don’t believe those courses it promise you guaranteed certificate in 2 weeks and even if you don’t have any Java working experience at all. And Like we said, intrinsic the motivation is very important. You WILL have able to study yourself but on top that, we CAN able to push you in that extra bit. THINK IT can assist you to understand details of Java, Study you using the tests to see it’s how far you will be stand and also do practical organization. We are also providing advanced Java Modules like Java Spring and Java Hibernate Courses.

If, you have any Queries or want to organize the java certification training, don’t hesitate feel free contact us at

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7 SEO [Search Engine Optimization] Trends that will “Dominate the Web” in 2016 Thu, 21 Apr 2016 07:25:01 +0000 2016 SEO Trends

Nowadays business are focusing to make Large Investments in Digital Marketing world and creating a diverse content, all the search engines are totally shifting their whole focus from content and concentrating fully on usability across the whole devices.  

This is not enough for an Industry or an Organization to rely on its total website presence to deliver deals and promote total sales.

Website Activities and all kind of digital presence across all kind of platforms that become the norms, this will not a guaranteed one that you will be standing as an unique one across your competitor. To stay on the top of Search engine results and make preparations for the next large Digital opportunity, you have to know all the Search Engine optimizationSEO trends.

  • Mobile Search – Important Aspects
  • Intention – Not Keywords – will Drive your Search
  • Voice Search will be Compete with the Text Searches
  • Shifting to CRO- Conversion Rate optimization
  • High Interactive Contents will Rule Everything
  • More Content – More Effectiveness
  • Local SEO – More Competitive


 1. Mobile Search – Important Aspects


       Mobile Clicks Beats Desktop Clicks So it’s time to move on “Mobile SEO”


Image Credits:Marketing Land

Already Mobile Search are in pair with Desktop Searches in the kind of search volumes, and this kind of trend will only perform the function of acceleration. In fact, desktops will be surpassed by the mobile devices. The recent updates of mobile browser capacities,more faster networks  and all kind of websites that are embracing mobile friendly designs.The future is made by mobile devices so,called as native application look bleak

This kind of trend increase from a year, the  mobile website is referred as web in a general form. A large number of websites  will be designed for all the mobile. Those are not an mobile optimized will be an irrelevant one. A mobile friendly one is already a Google’s Search engine algorithm and it will become an minimum search engine criteria.


2.  Intention – Not Keywords – will Drive your Search:



Matt Cutts Tweet about Exact Match Keywords

Image Credits:Twitter

searching for an exact keywords are no longer,  finding for a relevant keyword will no longer a dependent one.  From your interactions with web, all the search engines can assess you all the corresponding intention helping in providing the needed and most relevant results. All the searches will become more intuitive, this will save a large time.


3.Voice Search will be Compete with the Text Searches:


Although the voice searches is still a new range of kid on block in the Corresponding Search Engines space, it gained large momentum of thanks to the mobile devices and helps in rising a mobile website beating. Since voice search will be a popular one as the end users can ask a question and they can get an answer immediately.

Google is planning to add its voice search feature soon.This will be very much helpful in increasing the searches in web as faster. This Change will have an big impact on the end users.

Some Sample Voice Search Keywords Are


Image Credits:Extra Digital

4. Shifting to CRO – Conversion Rate optimization:


CRO –  Conversion Rate Optimization will get more attention from the users if a huge number of users are staying for a long one and the online doesn’t reflecting on the business conversions.   A large number of users accessing the web pages over mobile devices and opening a page without having any actions. Here, there is an huge range difference between the conversion rate and the traffic volumes. Also visit our SEO Tips for more information.

Naturally , all the CRO- Conversion rate Optimization will be an useful one to get session data, and helping in tracking the users and the events. With the results of producing very high CRO – will promote suitable Search engine Optimization  – SEO Plans.

The below info-graphic will explain to how to do CRO for a website


Image Credits:Insider Income System

5. High Interactive Contents will Rule Everything:


Interactive in the sense it not only focusing on Quiz but also on some contents that are delivering the user response.     


Image Credits:Backlinko

6.More Content – More Effectiveness:

A short range of contents that are are delivering only a few sort of information’s  is being more difficult to rank in all the corresponding Search Engines. For a situation, an article between 1,200 to 1,500 will get a better ranking in search results.  For an Example, a content with  

  •       Images
  •       Info-graphics
  •       Video
  •       Animation

will have more results in search engine and will drive traffic . If this trends follows diverse and longer contents will be more effective.

Lengthy Content Gets Good Position in SERP


 Image Credits:Backlinko


7. Local SEO – More Competitive:

Local SEO plays an vital role in Search engine results helping in

  • Driving website traffics
  • Tap the opportunity of the website to produce a positive output

Locations will play a vital role in the search engines, and adding more trends , recent update of Google’s Pigeon will deals with how the locations will provide a path for the key determinations of the search results.

We offer Digital Marketing Training in Chennai with an main intend of offering quality education to each and every students, this SEO Training in Chennai will be handled by well experienced faculties working in Top MNC.


Image Credits:Wiki SEO

We offer,

  • SEO Tutorials,
  • SEO Course Syllabus with an Updated One.

Since, this SEO Technology is an fast emerging field in today’s IT Market, each and every organization ranging from small to very large Industries are looking for their product or services to in the top results of the search engines. So, Naturally there will be an huge demand for this SEO Course in Chennai.

We offer in SEO Course in Chennai with large number benefits to the students. Trainers in Our institute are having more than 8 years of working experience in respective domains and hence the training will be in full practical basis. This will help the learners will obtain more knowledge and easy way of understanding all the concepts ranging from very beginning.

One Year Free Technical support, after the completion of the course. Placement assistance for every one, Minimum number of students in each and every batch to  have individual guidance on every one based upon their learning speed and level,

  • Free lab access
  • Free software installations
  • Free Course Materials
  • Free Mock Interviews
  • Free Interview questions and answers

and much more benefits that will help students in their learning path and helpful in obtaining their future career path. Learn in Our SEO Training in Chennai and reach your career path.


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Awesome ideas to choose SEO jobs in India | Free SEO Tools Wed, 30 Mar 2016 05:32:51 +0000 awesome-ideas-to-choose-seo-jobs-in-india

Your SEO skills should show off your experiences long before you will enter the interview hall. It should be as diverse as possible, and demonstratives of your broads and skill sets are include in Digital marketing training. In India SEO jobs, your employee should be left with no doubts that you can rises to any SEO-relates challenging they might throw in front of you.

Explain about the Latest SEO updates and techniques

The big and small project you’ve ever handles, and how the sizes and scopes of the project influenced your approaches. Hopefully you have something current to show off, too.

Different tactic you used to achieved the different result (e.g. increase site traffic, funnel more qualified lead, etc.)

Your most successful and least successful venture. Explain how you promote the strategy that works and solved the ones that.

How you would handles a Google penalties or a loss in ranking, decreased site traffic, re-indexing, etc. Have answer prepared for all the worst cases  with scenario, and be as specific as possibles. If you can demonstrated a solution that you’ve provide for a clients in the pasts, even better.

Types of Links

Organic links are naturally undoubt the best, but their very nature belies and reliable campaign strategies. With quality content offering and a good promotional campaigns, you can often wins a number of organic link, but you won’t earns the volume of backlinks that a well-formulate strategies might earns you from proper SEO training.

Organic link: links given natural by website that links to your content.

Non-editorial link: links prepared through blog comment, user profile, etc.

Outreach link: links that benefits both parties, usually suggest by the SEO agencies who stand to benefits.

SEO Tools


Images Credits: techwyse

Google Analytics: It is major tools for analysis and report the website based on the searches and traffic. You must know the tools with how many visitors are generate the link building with the help of webmaster tools.

SEO PowerSuite: SEO PowerSuite is the Swiss army SEO packages, actually bundle four invaluable tool into one: Link Assistant ,Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, and Website Auditor.

Moz Pro: Open Site Explorer, which is parts of Moz Pro, provide crucial metrics – Page Authority and Domain Authority – that SEO pros use every day.

SEMrush: A tools for keyword research and link building campaign, that will helps you build your SEO and PPC campaign.

Majestic: Comprehensive trust flows and citation flow metric that helps you analysis your website relative health. Very useful in link audit.

SEO Career

Having a T-shape skill sets means know a bit about everything and a lots about one or two niche topic. For examples, you might be familiars with the rhymes and reasons behind content creations, blogging, PPC, email campaigns, social media are learn in one place to SEO training in Chennai. The one areas that you knowing better than anyone else is SEO.

The brief description of your SEO experience is add some valuable overlapping with other team member and allows you to think practical about your SEO strategy, especially in regarding to how it tie into PR and marketing campaign. It yields creative solution and new insight that someone with narrow expertise might not consider.

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Why Java is Best and 10 Reasons to Learn Java Programming Language Tue, 29 Mar 2016 09:50:33 +0000 why-java-is-best-and-10-reasons-to-learn-java-programming-language

First, java is a open source (Free) programming language developed by Sun Microsystems overtaken by the oracle . It’s free source code is available for the inside every  Java Development Kit (JDK)

Wow..Java is Best and Easy to learn

Many people  surprised to see this is one of top reason for learning Java, it as best programming language. If you have steep expectation to learn, it would be very difficult to get gainful in limited capacity to focus time, which is the situation with a large portion of professional projects.

Java is an Object Oriented Programming Language


Image Credits: Studytonight

Another reason, which build Java popular is that an OOPs language. Developing OOPS concepts is much easier, and it additionally keeps flexible, extensible and system modular. Once you have skills and knowledge of the OOPS concept such as Abstraction, Polymorphism, Inheritance, and  Encapsulation,  you can able to use all those methods  with Java.

Java has Rich API

One more reasons for Java programming language’s it’s a huge success of Rich API and the most importantly is an highly visible, because of come with an Java installation. Java offers API for networking, I/O, utilities, database connection, XML parsing, and almost everything.

Powerful development tools Ex: Eclipse, Netbeans

Image Credits: c4learn

Believe it or not, Java Netbeans and Eclipse  has played the huge role to build Java is one of the very best programming language. Programming in IDE it’s pleasure, particularly if you have  an coded in the  DOS  Notepad or Editor. They not only assist in code completion also offers powerful debugging capability and it’s essential for an real world development

Great collection of Open Source libraries

Open source libraries guarantees that Java should to be utilized all over the place. Google, Apache, and other association has contributed for the lot of incredible libraries, which builds Java advancement simple, quicker and financially

Wonderful community support

Community is the greatest quality of Java programming and platform. Regardless, How great a programming is, it wouldn’t survive, if there is no group to support, share and help  their learning. Java has been extremely fortunate, it has loads of open source associations , Stackoverflow, dynamic forums, and a few Java users Community to assist everything

Java is FREE

Individuals like FREE things, Why Don’t you? So if a software engineer need to take in a programming language, or an association needs to utilize an innovative technologies, COST is a critical component. Since Java is free from begin, If you don’t have to pay anything to make Java application. This FREE thing likewise helped Java to end-up famous among individual software engineers, and among vast associations

Javadocs – Excellent documentation support

When I saw first Javadoc, I was astounded. It’s awesome bit of documentation, which informs parcel of things regarding Java API. I think without Java documentation, Java would not be as mainstream, and is an one of principle reason, Why I thinking Java is the best programming language. Not each one has time and aim to take a intention at code to realize what a system do or how to utilize a class. Javadoc made adapting simple, and give a great reference while programming in Java

Java is Platform Independent

Java is Platform in 1990s, this was the primary reason of Java’s reach ability. Thought of stage autonomy is extraordinary, and tag line of Java “Write once and runs anywhere” was luring enough to draw in heaps of new developments in Java. Learn core java and advanced java training in Chennai with more expert trainers to conducted the online and classroom.

Java is Everywhere and Anywhere

Yes, Java is all over, it’s on desktop, it’s on portable, it’s on card, all around as is Java developers. I think Java developers out number some other programming language it’s professional

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Is JAVA Necessary for Learning HADOOP Fri, 18 Mar 2016 09:23:48 +0000 Yes, True Hadoop is built over Java. But you need not to be an well wised Java Programmer in order to work on Hadoop. There are two main Hadoop components endorse that Hadoop can be worked without the aid of Java Knowledge – Hive and Pig

Pig is one of the High level Language and a kind of data flow language. It is an execution framework for the purpose of Parallel computation, and Hive is a kind of Data warehousing infrastructure that delivers  ad- hoc querying and data summarization. Pig is most widely used by the programmers and researchers and in the case of Hive , it  is widely used by the Data Analysts

10 lines of pig = 200 lines of Java

To Navigate from JAVA to pig and Hive the only thing that need to know is Pig Latin and HQL- Hive Query Language.These two need SQL base. The Pig latin is most similar to Structured Query Language (SQL). These two languages are very easy to learn and more than 80% of overall Hadoop Projects are done with the help of Pig and Hive.

Future Careers in Hadoop

Hadoop is an Poster boy of the Big Data. With the ability of storing a huge amount of Data including structured and unstructured data. hadoop is on the top of the each and every CIO’s  to perform its list.  In order to learn Hadoop without the Knowledge of Java ,you need to be an expert in the major two critical aspects of Hadoop those are, processing and Storage. A Job around Hadoop Storage deals with how the Hadoop Cluster functions and how the data are maintained in a secure and in a stable manner. It deals with HDFS –  Hadoop Distributed File Systems and HBase – hadoop Distributed Database. If you are preferring to work on processing area you need to have an idea about Hive and Pig, this automatically converts to Java Based MapReduce Clustering Program Model. So , without the aid of MapReduce , the entire life cycle process can be controlled, As long as you are an expert in Hive and Pig. If you wish the user defined functions to pig you can add Java coding. This will be needed only you need a custom input and output formats.

The Hadoop training in Chennai is designed in order to  enhance  all your knowledge and  the skills to become an most  successful Hadoop developer.We offer high quality of Hadoop Training in Chennai, the training that we offer will be from the very basics to the most updated level. Hadoop tutorials are also offered by our team. Trainers in Our institute are having more than 8 years of working experience in their respective domains. Hadoop Online Training in Chennai is also delivered to our institute over Skype,gotomeeting and with the help of teamviewer. Practical based training with real time based projects and with live examples, more than 1 year technical support, free software’s and free demo classes.

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