Launch your Career in Software Testing

Launch your Career in Software Testing

Information about the quality of product or services under test method is provided to the stake holder is known as the software testing. Executing a software program or application for finding the software bugs is the process of software testing technique. Software testing provides an objective view of the software for understanding the risks of software implementation. Software testing is to meets the requirements and to respond correctly to all kinds of inputs. It can be installed and run in its intended environment. Software testing uses some test strategies that are feasible for the available resources and time. Software testing provides the information to the user about quality of software and failure risk. When and how the software testing is conducted is the overall approach of software development. Testing starts from software requirement gathering phase to deployment phase and it is never ended process.Launch your Career in Software Testing is a good choice in your career.

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Testing under all combinations of inputs and test cases are not feasible with a simple software product is a basic problem of software testing. Software developers can’t test everything within the software product but they use the combinational test design to identify the coverage tests and this test design methods is to build the structured variation into their test.

TESTING METHODS             

Static Testing: The programming tools editor and compilers who checks the source code structure and syntax analysis is referred as static testing. Verification method involved in static testing.

Dynamic Testing: Executing programmed code with a given set of test cases is known as dynamic testing. Validation method involved in dynamic method.

White box Testing: This testing is used to test the internal structure of program and their working operations. White box testing is applied to unit, integration and system levels of the software testing process but it is regularly done at the unit level.

Black Box Testing: The functionality is examined without knowledge of internal implementation is referred as back box testing. Boundary value analysis, state transition tables, equivalence partitioning and model based testing are the methods included in black box testing.

Visual Testing: The ability to examine the software failure by seeing the information which it is presented to the developers is referred as visual testing. The quality of communication is increased dramatically by visual testing.

Grey Box Testing: Having knowledge of internal data structures and algorithms for designing test cases is involved in grey box testing. The tester is not necessary to access the software source codes.


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