salesforce connected services in visual studio

The hardest part of building the integration and modern applications is dealing with the services of multitude which companies depends on every day. The more applications are moving to the model of SaaS. The enterprise developer of modern creates mash up between the application of cloud based business and the home grown internal applications. For instance one can track the bug using the managing customer support and online visual studio using the salesforce service cloud. All have data accessing for robust API’s. The process gets messy when configuring and setting up both the services and project of visual studio themselves.

OAuth services provide authentication and identity. Each of services creates their own configuration of OAuth. Salesforce need to create connected app to get the secret and client id, defines the apps scope and specify callback URL. This service is common using the OAuth and finds the way to configure web interface services.

The connected services help in solving the problems by wizard launching which is created by provider of service to guide developer through process within the visual studio. Salesforce team up with Microsoft creates visual studio salesforce connected service extension. All one need is to login admin t the salesforce and connects salesforce services quickly with developer through wizard will create APP connection, install packages of nugnet, setup OAuth project handler using the tool kit for the dotnet and create model of data for objects. All this set up inside the salesforce.

The main point is driving the experience developer with code and maintains the control. This demands the changes in requirement to project and no extra code is added. When it connects to the wizard service it is finished and the changes made in the project. Rather than installing simple code which need to remove it is connected to providers of service.

salesforce connected services in visual studio service which is connected doesn’t generate the code but scaffolds code in to one project. The code generated differ from scaffold code where one can edit this code with knowledge if one runs wizard the changes will be preserved but this not the case with the generated code.

Due to the rich APIs metadata available for the salesforce the generated models are attribute to reflect metadata of one’s fields and object. And this field label used for defining attribute of DisplayName. The other generated attribute are creatable and updateable for enforcing the business logic. One can add field of additional by salesforce connected service update. In this case there is no new configuration of OAuth is created instead it add scaffold. This gives more control on process of modeling. This type of training is offered by reputed institute in Chennai. so one must be careful in choosing the training institute because some institute make false promises.

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