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Learn Cloud Computing Training in Chennai from Experts

Cloud Computing Training in Chennai offers training on Practical basis with lots of benefits to the learners. Our Training is delivered to the students by well experienced faculties, who are having more than 8 years of working experience in the respective domains.Our Training will be on Practical basis, with lots of live examples, experiments which deal with large number of case studies. We offer more facilities such as, free technical support for one year, updated course syllabus will be provided, free lab access to the students and much more.

Who Should Attend Cloud Computing Training in Chennai
  • Students, Who want to make their career in cloud industry in open platform, Easy upgrade and Scalability .
  • All professionals are suitable for cloud consultant with knowledge of salesforce.
  • Should have knowledge in Database Management.
  • Good knowledge in computing terminology.
  • Experience in cloud implementing service.
  • Interested to Service in cloud consultant.
  • Experience in salesforce, VmWare.
  • Knowledge in Sales operation professional.
  • IT Managers.
  • System Administration and Developer knowledge in vmware.
  • Eligible to Provide the Marketing solution.
  • How to Manage different customers.

VMware Training in chennai Veritas Training Chennai Course
Salesforce Training Course Chennai

Why choose ThinkIT for your Cloud Training in Chennai
  • Training are provided by our passionate cloud professionals.
  • Flexible timing and Reduced batch members.
  • Any time lab facility.
  • Our training section is fully broadcasted in practical basis.
  • Practice to work in live projects.
  • Built expertise on Advanced cloud application.
  • Start learning from basic fundamentals.
  • The course fees will be affordable.
  • All required tools will be provided like PDF and Video materials
  • Softcopy of Cloud computing will be provided.
  • We will be helping you for Cloud certification.
  • We will be helping you for interview process.
What you Gain at ThinkIT Training academy’s Cloud Computing Training in Chennai
  • We will offer you the world most reliable customers relationship Management(CRM) for cloud framework consumers.
  • Complete understanding of cloud computing techniques.
  • Teach you from basic to advance level training. The class will be 30% theoretical and 70% Practical.
  • Complete knowledge on cloud computing tools.
  • We will be teaching you advanced techniques.
  • Complete practical knowledge on sales and vmware and marketing solution based on cloud computing service.
  • You will have lot of industrial experience.
  • The concepts will be clear from basic to advanced level.
  • You will be well trained in industry is concerned.
  • The specialties includes sales, product of vmware cluster, controlling projects by using other cloud methods also.
  • Enter into top upcoming technology.
  • Learn a high demanding skill which is learned by others tomorrow.
  • After completing your course you will be having a clear idea  and understanding in Cloud Computing.
  • Many companies need a top professionals who are well versed in Cloud computing developers.
  • We will be giving you training on how to face top MNC Companies.
  • Increase your industry and marketing value for searching jobs.
  • We will be teaching you how to focus on other core business.
  • Nowadays salesforce cloud consultant professionalsare having more demands due to unlimited opportunities are available in technology.
  • Our training will be very useful to enter into top MNC companies.
  • Job assistance and placements are support after the course completion.
Prerequisite for Cloud Computing:
  • “Data Structures, Algorithms and Programming concepts.
  • Programming experience required, One of the following courses or prior instructor approval:
    • HPC
    • Distributed Computing Systems
    • Data Structures & Prog, (Parallel Prog),
    • Algorithms, Data Structures and Operating Systems.
What is Cloud Computing?

The word “Cloud” refers to the diagrams and the flow charts in the internet. Development of hosted services over the network is known as Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing Training in Chennai is widely Classified into Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a service and platform as a service. Cloud certification makes the industries to get the needed resources as an utility in order to maintain and built their infrastructures.

World's Most Popular Cloud Computing Technologies are,

Introduction to Computing
  • Recent Stages in the cloud Computing
  • About Grid Computing in Cloud
  • Utility Computing in Cloud
  • Basics of Cloud Cluster Computing
  • Distributed system Computing and Evolutions in Cloud Computing
Overview of Cloud Computing
  • (NIST) Model Overview
  • Basics, Cloud Service History . Cloud Computing history.
  • Properties,Characteristics.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing,Cloud computing
Architecture of Cloud Computing
  • stacks in Cloud computing
  • Traditional computing architecture Comparison, Services providers.
  • How Cloud Computing Works, Networking and web services roles in Cloud computing, (XaaS)Service Models, protocols used.
  • (PaaS) -Platform as a Service.
  • (IaaS) -Infrastructure as a Service.
  • (SaaS) -Software as a Service.
Infrastructure as a Service
  • Resource Virtualization of Cloud Computing
  • Server and Network in Infrastructure as a service
  • Storage Virtualization in Cloud Computing
Platform as a Service (PAAS)
  • IBasics of PaaS
  • (SOA) Service Oriented Architecture and What is PaaS?
  • Cloud Management and Platform
  • Computation,storage,Google app engine's,Salesforce explanations
  • Microsoft Azure in Platform as a service
  • Working of Salesforce platform
Software as a Service (SAAS)
  • Basics to SaaS
  • Web services in Cloud Computing
  • Web OS and Web 2.0 working Principles
  • Case Studies
Service Management
  • Agreements and Service Level
  • Accounting and Billing in Service Management
  • Cloud vs Traditional Discussions
  • Working of Scaling factor
Data Management
  • Cloud Services and Scalability
  • Data in cloud Computing
  • Large Scale Data Processing
  • Cloud and infrastructure Management
  • Host level security
  • Network level security
  • Application level security

    Regular Batch ( Morning, Daytime, Evening )

  • Duration - 45 days
  • Weekend Training Batch ( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays )

  • Duration  - 9 Weeks
  • Fast Track batch durations( 5+ hours Daily )

  • Cloud Computing course durations will be 45 to 60 hours
  • Cloud computing Course duration for week days- one and half hours.
  • Cloud computing Course duration for week ends- three to four hours.

Why We are the best cloud computing Training in chennai and Our Other Cloud Training Modules are

Cloud Computing Basics Tutorial gives you an better and detail ideas about it, and the Cloud computing basics tutorial will be in most simplest form that helps everyone to learn cloud in an easy way.We are the best Cloud Computing Training Institute when compared with other cloud computing training institutes in chennai.


Cloud computing Chennai includes, Salesforce Admin and Developer Training in Chennai imports the needed skills and the required knowledge for the purpose of designing more customised applications and the analytics by using the declarative benefits of Salesforce.

Our Training makes the certified professionals to make their secure unique Data models, design user interface, business logic and customize the applications.


VMWare is a Virtualization and distributed computing programming for perfect frameworks. It’s server host OS in such a way the working frameworks go about figuratively speaking introduced on PC to its own project. Virtualization is the heart of VMWare's One cloud any device and application.


Amazon Web Service is a distributed computing stage offered by It is gathering of processing administrations called web administrations or cloud administrations. We offer this Cloud computing Chennai (i.e)  Amazon web service Training in Chennai with more features, the training will be from experienced faculties, learn Amazon web Service and get 100% placement assistance.


OpenStack is programming instruments for overseeing and building distributed computing stage for private and open mists. The distributed computing stage like Amazon, Rackspace stages. Learn OpenStack from experts and become an expert in OpenStack.


Google App Engine is otherwise called GAME or APP Engine. It is a (PaaS) stage as an administration stage of distributed computing for creating and facilitating web applications in oversaw server farms of Google. Learn Google App engine in Chennai from experienced faculties and be a master in it.


Veritas group unites with free frameworks, various frameworks for accessibility to increment. It incorporates others like VxVM (Veritas Volume Manager) and VxVM ( Veritas File System In UNIX).

Cloud Computing Course in Chennai - A Promise for the Future

Learning Cloud is a methodology that joins getting more Cloud technologies including, affiliations, stockpiling, servers and applications through Network. This helps to store the data that maintains relationship with Cloud Computing course explained ,that is instead of working with servers or drivers.Around then, a couple of customers got to the central PC by procedure for sham terminals. Learning Cloud helps to make the fake terminals to attract the customers,  this makes them to buy this sand get learned from it.

Cloud Computing Course in Chennai gives more ideas regarding this Cloud Computing Class. Get Cloud Training in our  Cloud Computing course in Chennai We Offer practical oriented training that satisfies everyone's need. It fulfils the considered virtualization in figuring to get noticeable quality and helps in getting cloud certification. These are the prerequisites for learning cloud computing training in Chennai that makes it easier.

Cloud Computing in Chennai - An Overview with Cloud Computing Architecture

Combined with various cases and hands-on sessions, the Cloud Computing course in chennai will provide you an better way to learn cloud and is situated to bestow the obliged essential learning of course to all members in a straightforward however successful way.Dissimilar to other online Cloud Computing Training, we furnish and provide courses with a goal and a seller impartial perspective of the Cloud Training scene. You won't be secured to a particular seller or stage or arrangement in this course.

We the best Institute for Cloud Computing in Chennai offers excellent benefits to the students; the training will be on Practical basis with lots of case studies, live examples and with experiments.Trainers in Our Cloud Computing in Chennai are having more than8 years of working experience in the corresponding domains. We offer Guidance for your Cloud Certification. Cloud Architecture Plays an vital role in it.

Our Special Features When Compared with other, Cloud Computing Training Centers in Chennai

Our ThinkIt is rated as one of the best Cloud Computing training centers in Chennai and We offer 100% placement for cloud training for the students and helps them for achieving their domain oriented Cloud computing jobs.

Cloud Computing Placement Training in Chennai

When Compared with other cloud computing training centers in chennai we provide the best training to the students depend upon their learning speeds.

  • More than 1000+ Students were placed in Top MNC’S
  • Large number of students were placed in their respective dream companies
  • 100% Placement Records
  • 100% Interview Guidance

First Place in Placements when correlate with other online cloud computing training centers in chennai.

Rated as no.1 Institute upon other Cloud Computing Training Institutes in Chennai

Today we have been given a great chance to adjust ourselves to what the business needs. All that industry needs is a Well Trained professionals and that is precisely what we the best cloud computing Training in Chennai expect to do.Providing the best training we are getting chances to work with top Industries. we Provide you Cloud Certification guidance.We ThinkIT is the best Institute for

Cloud Computing in Chennai, get trainedwith us and become a master in it. If you need job in Short duration surely cloud computing in Chennai will be the solution to that.More and more companies in the global uses cloud technologies. Be a master in Cloud technologies by learning cloud computing in one of the best cloud computing training in Chennai.

Cloud Computing Chennai- A Tool for Your Career

Cloud Computing Certification in Chennai is Suitable for all Software professionals who are looking to become an master in Cloud Computing Technology. Cloud Computing Certification in Chennai is must for one to became an expert in it.Online cloud Computing Training courses can be trained by learners who are having knowledge in Programming, Algorithms and Data Structures. Before getting into the world of Data Structure you should know the basic c programming knowledge.

We  offer the best Cloud Computing course in Chennai with excellent benefits to the students. ThinkIT is the non-stop place for your cloud computing career so register by today and get your dream job within 30 days for registration, please contact us

Our Cloud Computing Training Batch Size and other details

ThinkIT is the best Institute for Cloud Computing Training in Chennai, which offers lots and lots of benefits to the learners that makes them to step into their career.

Our Advanced Cloud Computing Trainers

  • More than 10 years of experience in cloud computing technologies.
  • Trainer will train you in Job oriented aspects.
  • Every year 1000+ students get certified from our institute.
  • Will give you strong technical knowledge on both theoretically and practically.

Cloud Computing Training Courses in Chennai

Cloud Computing Training in chennai

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    • Salesforce Administrator Training in Chennai
    • Salesforce Consultant Training in Chennai
    • Salesforce Architect Training in Chennai

VMware Training in Chennai

    • VMware virtualisation training in  Chennai
    • VMware Troubleshooting training in Chennai
    • Vmware Vcloud Training in Chennai

Other Cloud Computing Modules

    • Amazon web service Training in chennai
    • Google App Engine Training in Chennai
    • Openstack Training in Chennai
    • Cloud computing Concepts Training in Chennai

    Veritas Training in Chennai

    • Veritas Volume Manager Training in Chennai
    • Veritas Cluster Training in Chennai
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