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Microsoft.NET is one of the widely used programming languages by many developers. This language helps to create applications easily when compared to other programming languages available. CLR and FLR forms .NET framework. Since this language enables developing various types of applications, it is now trending in the software development industry.




Dot Training Covers
Application Development in WPF
Web Application Development, Enterprise Application Development, Database Application Development and Develop MVC Application. – Topics.
After got knowledge above mentioned technical terms you have to
grab the job within 75 days!!!


After Completed this DotNET Training you have to
learn Special kind courses thus below,
C# Training,
ASP.NET Training
SQL Server Training
MVC certification
WCF Training
Ajax.NET Training
JSON and JQUERY Training
Visual Studio
Sharepoint and Windows Mobile.



Leading Features
  • System Types, Collection Types
  • Core Language interoperability
  • Text and String Manipulation
  • XML Generation, Serialization
  • Diagnostics and code Analysis
  • Stream and File handling
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Security, Reflections
  • Application Domains
Topics Covered
  • Core Objective
  • Course Outline
  • Introduction of Visual .NET
  • Programming Structure
  • GUI Programming
  • File Handling
  • Frameworks
  • Graphic Programming
  • Language Interoperability
Here are a few reasons why Microsoft.NET is important:
  • It supports robust application development
  • It offer high security along with achieving great quality
  • It reduces the overall development time involved
  • It enables developing scalable and reliable applications to support the smooth functioning of complex applications
  • Overall, it helps to improve the performance of the business


With many great advantages to offer, this .NET programming language is now preferred by most of the software development companies across the globe. This in other terms implies the requirement for qualified software or application developers with the knowledge of Microsoft.NET. This also reflects the growing need for skilled and certified .NET developers in the industry. Therefore the scope for better placement and good career prospect can be expected with higher possibilities for the candidates with a valid certification for .NET from a reputable institution.


Think IT takes this opportunity to create a wonderful environment for the candidates striving hard to gain sufficient knowledge and skills in .NET framework. With the pride of being one of the reputable and widely recognized institutions for qualified training programs, Think IT now provides the most advanced .NET courses for the candidates.


If you are looking for the best .NET training program that can increase your career opportunities and better recognition, then we serve to be the right platform for you.


Our Training Video Reviews
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What will Your Learn? – Our .NET Course Content

Here follow our course content. Our curriculum comprises from fundamentals of .NET to the advanced level training. Our course is carefully designed by the industry experts and experienced facilities and software professionals in the industry for many years. Certainly, you will gain the professional skills on successful completion of our training program, which is crucial to handle any challenging and complex .NET programming works on real-time.

You are flexible to customize choose the course package to suit your requirements.

  • Introduction: Introduction / Server side-Client side applications / HTML / CSS / ASP.NET / ASP.NET AJAX / Silverlight
  • ASP.NET: Introduction / ASP.NET Web Pages / ASP.NET Model View controller / ASP.NET Web forms / .NET Framework / IIS
  • Environment Setup: IDE / Building and executing the project / Working with Windows and Views / Project and solution / Adding files and folder to website
  • Controls: Textbox and label / Multi views / Panel controls / Calendars / List Ctrl / Check box / Radio button / Hyperlink / Image controls
  • Directives: Implements / Control / Master / Import / Output Cache / Previous page type
  • Event handling / Database handling / Error handling / Deployment / Security / Debugging


Besides the above-said curriculum our training program will also include;
  • Ms.NET package such as ADO.NET, C#, ASP.NET
  • WPF
  • Web services and WCF
  • Silverlight
  • SQL Server
  • SharePoint 2010
  • Ms.NET package such as ADO.NET, C#, ASP.NET
  • And live project in real time environment


Skills you gain from Think IT .NET Training Courses?

.NET software framework by Microsoft helps to develop a software application that runs efficiently on mobile, web applications and PCs. The main purpose of using this .NET framework is to help reduce the need for coding, even for the large applications. This unique property of this programming language makes .NET trend in the entire software industry.

Think IT .NET courses help both beginners and professionals who are already employed to achieve their career goals.

  • Skills to design applications for a specific business type or functions like supply management, CRM, and finance
  • Skills to re-design applications to meet the growing needs of businesses
  • Skill to address the complete management and design of the multi-tiered application
  • Develop seamless web-enabled interface for the computing device and application
  • Enable the entire computing devices to function together
  • Provide customized access and delivery of services / products to the users
  • Instant access to information
  • Synchronization of multi-device and multi-user
  • Integrate various communication media including fax, phones, and emails


Our .NET training courses are designed according to the specifications of Microsoft official Curriculum, which includes the complete practical training along with the theoretical classes.


Dot Net Training Duration

Regular Batch – Daytime, Morning and Evening


  • Time Duration : 45 hours


Weekend Batches – Saturday and Sunday & Holidays


  • Time Duration : 9 weeks


Fast Track course Training – (daily 5+ hours)


  • Time Duration : 2 weeks


Core Objectives of our .NET Training program:
  • Understand the benefits of ASP.NET over traditional ASP technology
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of .NET architecture and internals
  • Use.NET controls to build dynamic web page
  • Implement client-side validation using the validation control framework
  • Change the complete feel and look of the website using themes
  • Learn different navigation techniques to integrate webpage within website
  • Reuse UI for dynamic content using user controls and master pages
  • Learn different configuration options to make dynamic changes to the website without the need to publish or rebuild
  • Develop highly secured models within the site to provide user-based / roles based access
  • Perform CRUD operation
  • Develop AJAX based website to achieve higher levels of interactivity


Why choose Think IT for .NET Training?

Among a number of institutions ready to provide you competitive training program, why should you choose us?

Here are some valid points that certainly exhibit us unique and the right institution to choose for your .NET training program:

  • We are rated among the top 5 .NET training institutions in Chennai
  • we work on real-time projects, which helps the candidates gain the skills to handle any complex application development tasks
  • our curriculum can assure you 100% placement opportunities by making you become a trained professional ready to handle any projects in real time instantly
  • our faculties provide one-to-one direct training with individual attention
  • over 100 successful candidates entered into their desired career in .NET with our certification
  • We have over 95% job placement track record
  • We provide counselling to the candidates towards the end of the training program regarding their job placement and other advanced training programs to improve their skills



Why you choose ThinkIT for Dot Net training institute in Chennai
  • Flexible timing, lab facilities and Reduced batch members.
  • We will offer you more real time Dot Net projects.
  • The Software tools will be provided by our institute.
  • All required PDF and Video materials will be provided.


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Hadoop – Bigdata Introduction
  • .Net Framework
  • Visual .Net language
  • .Net Installation


Using Programas for VB.NET
  • Introduction to Windows
  • forms – I
  • Windows forms – II


Object Oriented Concepts
  • Advanced Object Oriented concepts
  • Error Handling


History of ADO.NET
  • Components of Ado.Net
  • .Net Data providers and Data sources
  • How to access data
  • Connected Environment
  • Disconnected Environment
  • Usage for sort, search and filter the data
  • Implement N.Tier concepts in ADO.Net


  • Implement the XML in .Net
  • Object used for DOM Objects
  • Implement Custom Windows Controls


Windows Server
  • Crystal Reports
  • Deployment the Application


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