Among a number of languages available to write codes, Hadoop is gaining a huge popularity for its unique features. Hadoop is the framework, which is written in Java language and it allows dealing with a large set of data with just a simple programming model.


Hadoop consultant Training

Hadoop Consultant Training covers
Hadoop Developer,
Hadoop Administration, Hadoop Analyst and Hadoop Testing – Topics.
All these four courses combine as One Course which will bring you
job in Hadoop within 100 Days.
After completed this Hadoop Consultant Training course you
can attend following certifications
Cloudera Certified Associate Spark & Hadoop Developer Certification (CCA175)
Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop (CCAH)
Hortonworks Data Platform Certified Administrator (HDPCA)
Hortonworks Data Platform Certified Developer (Non-Java) HDPCD
Hortonworks Data Platform Certified Developer (Java) HDPCD
Sailent Features
  • Real Time Use Cases and Datasets
  • Study materials (soft copy)
  • Detailed Videos
  • Installation Steps
  • Program codes
  • Certification Preparation help
  • Interview Questions and Answers
  • Resume Preparation Help
  • Real time project help
  • Individual Support
  • Unlimited Free classes
  • After course complete support
Topics Covered
  • HDFS, MapReduce
  • Hadoop 1, Yarn,
  • High Availability, Federation
  • Hive, Pig, Impala, HCatalog
  • Sqoop, Flume, Hue & NO SQL
  • HBase, Hadoop Distributions
  • Spark & Python for CCA Certification
  • Oozie, Zookeeper
  • Hadoop Cluster Planning
  • Hadoop Cluster on AWS and Azure
  • Hadoop Admin and Monitoring
  • RHadoop & MR Unit Testing


Hadoop features two main components (however later over 15 components were integrated) and they are;

  • HDFS – Hadoop Distributed File System for storage
  • Map Reduce – Programming model to process data


Our Training Video Reviews

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The Hadoop framework will enable to easily store and process various data of huge volumes in a distributed manner. Licensed under Apache v2 license, Hadoop was written by Google on MapReduce system and features the concept of functional programming.


The Big Data Hadoop architects are one of the highly paid professionals in the booming IT industry. This career scope has now encouraged numbers of potential candidates to choose Hadoop training program from a reputable institution in Chennai.


Hadoop framework is widely used by the large giants including Google, Yahoo, IBM, Amazon, and Facebook. The large investments made by the Fortune companies for Big Data now requires certified Hadoop developers, Data Scientists and other professionals who could efficiently handle the challenges involved especially in analyzing and handling the mounting data.


Think IT takes this constructive opportunity to create the best space for the aspiring candidates to obtain their certificate from our Hadoop training center in Chennai.


If you are looking for a progressive source that could support you from every axis to learn and become skilled in Hadoop, then Think IT serves to be your perfect choice.


From the team of industry professionals and experienced faculties ready to assist you round the clock, you will certainly experience the best learning environment and gain all essential knowledge that will make you a Hadoop professional by the time you obtain your certificate.


Hadoop Training Duration in chennai

Regular Batch – Daytime, Morning and Evening
  • Time Duration : 45 hours


Weekend Batches – Saturday and Sunday & Holidays
  • Time Duration : 9 weeks


Fast Track course Training – (daily 5+ hours)
  • Time Duration : 2 weeks



Who can choose our Hadoop Training in Chennai?

The number of companies investing in Big Data is increasing hugely in recent days. This creates enormous opportunities for the deserving candidates with the knowledge of Big Data Hadoop ecosystem. Although theHadoop certification in Chennai is beneficial to all categories of candidates, it specifically benefits;

  • Professionals who want to update technologies
  • JAVA professionals
  • ETL/BI/DW professionals
  • Analytics professionals
  • Testing professionals
  • Data warehousing professionals
  • Project managers
  • Developers and architects
  • Mainframe professionals
  • Senior IT professionals and
  • Fresher

Those who want to make a career shift can also consider taking up this training program from Think IT.


How Think IT Hadoop Training Benefits?

Here are a few factors to favor your questions and help you get a clear understanding of how our Hadoop training will benefit you;

  • Learn advanced curriculum that is also currently in the industry
  • Live projects handling to gain practical knowledge and improve skills to manage the challenges involved in real time
  • One-to-one interaction from our skilled faculties who are also industry professionals
  • Flexible Hadoop training program selection to suit your career objective and present professional requirements
  • Help keep you updated with the current happening in the industry and the advancement and introduction taking place


What will you accomplish?

On completion of our Hadoop training program and obtaining your certification you would have gained the ability to accomplish the tasks as follow:

  • Efficiently administer and provision HD Inside Clusters
  • Efficiently implement Big Data interactive processes
  • Effectively implement Big Data Batch processes
  • Effectively implement Big Data time processes


Hadoop Job Scope

Regardless of your stream, the demand for Hadoop specialists will be ever growing with the growth in the technology. Besides, the influence of internet across the globe, which involved huge data flowing through every moment further emphasize a need for a framework like Hadoop Big Data to handle it in an efficient way. In this array, large and growing companies has started adopting technology to store and efficiently analyze petabytes of data including clickstream data, social media content, weblogs and many others to gain a better insight about their business and customers. This, in turn, creates a huge demand for Hadoop professionals to be engaged to handle Big Data.


What will Your Learn from Think IT Hadoop Course?

Think IT has carefully designed the Hadoop curriculum that suits the varying expectations of our candidates from different domains. Right from fresher to the senior IT professionals, our curriculum can effectively meet your training expectations and turn you into skilled professionals.

Here is a quick brief of what you will learn from our Hadoop course in Chennai:

  • Hadoop fundamentals
  • Understanding Big Data / Dimensions of Big Data
  • Limitations of Existing solutions for Big Data problems
  • Type of Data Generation
  • Hadoop distributors
  • Solving Big Data problems
  • Components of Hadoop ecosystem
  • Modes of Hadoop employment
  • Hadoop Architecture
  • Anatomy of File – Write / Read
  • Core concepts of HDFS / HDFS Flow architecture
  • Data compression techniques types
  • Working of MapReduce framework
  • Rack topology and more

This curriculum will certainly help you gain a good knowledge of Hadoop. In addition to it, our practical training will further encourage you to gain improved skills to handle any challenging tasks assigned to you in a real-time application.


Think IT is proud of establishing ourselves as one of the remarkable Hadoop training institutions in Chennai to provide the most competitive coaching to our candidates. With our track record of producing over a thousand successful candidates enter into the IT industry; we are now one of the recognized institutions in the digital world of providing various advanced training courses.


Our dedicated team of faculties and industry professionals work round the clock to keep the curriculum up-to-date correlate with the present industry scenario and employers’ expectations. Our this effort makes us a qualified training institution to provide best courses that will not only improve the theoretical knowledge of our candidates in their chosen course or training program but also their technical know-how and practical skills to handle any situations they come across after they are employed in good job roles.


To know more about our Hadoop training program and other various supporting courses available to make you a perfect professional with a valid certification, contact our support team.


We are ready to provide you the required information and answer your inquiries anytime you approach us.


Hadoop Resources
Download and Install Hadoop
How to crack the Hadoop Interview
Hadoop Interview Questions
Career Opportunities in Hadoop
Hadoop – Bigdata Introduction
  • Overview of Hadoop ecosystem
  • What is Hadoop integration?
  • Usage of Hadoop database
  • Software products workflow
  • Usage of Hadoop in data and their performance


Map Reduce Overview
  • Description of big data mapreduce
  • Theory concept
  • Writable method overflow
  • What is Input format?
  • How the Output is formatting in mapreduce
  • Shuffle phase magic overview
  • File sequence operation


HDFS Introduction
  • Data flow archives
  • Coherency method overflow
  • Detailed description in Fault tolerance
  • What is Data integrity?
  • Second namenode
  • Shell commands operation
  • API using java applications


  • CAP theorem method
  • Custom input format optimization
  • Sorting operation
  • Debugging method
  • What is Toolrunner
  • Cache distribution
  • Counter


  • Installation of PIG
  • PIG Architecture
  • Joins operation
  • Macros function
  • UDF performance


  • Architecture of HIVE
  • Configuration process
  • File formats in system
  • Other SQL on Hadoop
  • Usage of Tables
  • UDF formats


  • Connectors to existing DB’s and DW
  • Installation operation in SQOOP
  • How to execute Commands
  • Architecture of SQOOP


  • HDFS federation
  • YARN introduction
  • Limitations in MR1
  • Job flow of Map reduce in YARN
  • Hadoop compatibility


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