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Javascript Training in Chennai


Prerequisite to become master in JavaScript and Jquery programming
  • Hypertext markup language
  • Cascading style sheet
  • C programming
  • C++ programming Languages
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What is JavaScript?
  • Platform Independent and interact for webpages
  • Used for client side scripting languages.
  • Light weight programming.
  • Does not require time consuming for Javascript
  • Consists of lines to execute in code.
What is Jquery ?
  • Cross- platform.
  • Jquery programming open source software and it is designed to make it easier to navigate a document.
  • Used to create animation and advanced effects to implement.
What is AngularJs ?
  • Client side MVC framework
  • Perceived performance
  • Pojo and more complex magic on web page.

Eligibility to undergone JavaScript course in Chennai

  • Graduates with compuer background and Professionals
  • Future computer programmers can  specialize in C and C++.
  • JavaScript Course in chennai is develop the Interpersonal skills are required to work with other developers, systems analysts and end users.

Why choose Think IT for AngularJs training in Chennai?

  • 100% practical oriented training on HTML,Css and Javascript training.
  • Training will be based on corporate level.
  • Affordable fee Structure Jquery training.
  • One year technical support also provided for students.
  • Suppose you want to refresh course for free of cost.

JavaScript and JQuery Training Duration

Regular Batch - Daytime, Morning and Evening
  • Time Duration : 45 hours
Weekend Batches - Saturday and Sunday & Holidays
  • Time Duration : 9 weeks
Fast Track course Training - (daily 5+ hours)
  • Time Duration : 2 weeks
  • Basic HTML Training
  • Different HTML, tags, attributes
  • HTMLDIV Structure
  • HTML Table Structure, Table Row, Table Data etc.
  • HTML Hyperlinks and Images
  • HTML Forms.
  • Advanced HTML Training.
  • Cascading Style Sheet or Css Training.
  • Different types of Css.
  • Understanding HTML Class and ID.
  • Variables, loops, if else structure etc.
  • Arrays.
  • String handling.
  • Functions.
  • Form Validation.
  • Basics of Script
  • Ajax
  • Developer Essentials
  • Starting to code
  • Interacting with Users
  • Creating Rollovers
  • Building Smarter Forms
  • Handling Events
  • Working with Cookies
  • The Dom, Nodes and Objects
  • Working with Dates and Times
  • Real World application
  • Introduction for Jquery
  • What is Jquery
  • Add the JQuery library
  • JQuery Syntax
  • Downloading jQuery
  • Document Ready Function
  • How to use scripts?
  • JQuery – noConflict() Method
  • Use Library for multiple purpose
  • Alternate to download
  • Concepts of JQuery
  • Basics
  • Selectors
  • DOM Attributes
  • DOM Traversing
  • CSS Methods
  • DOM Manipulation Methods
  • Events Handling
  • Effects
  • AJAX
  • JSON
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