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Foremost Linux Training in chennai

Linux training in Chennai ThinkIT offers you the best linux course from the basic to advanced level.We deliver you the Linux course by well experienced & Certified professionals, who are all working in Top MNC’S.Get your Linux Training in chennai with our experts.Our Trainers are having more than  10 years of experience in IT Field with Real Time process.Linux training in chennai with our ThinkIT trainers will satisfy all your requirements.We will give you a peaceful infrastructure to get trained in Linux academy.You can get Linux certification by knowing in depth about linux in linux training chennai.We also provide red hat training in chennai. We are also provding  some other training courses which will make your career better.

Who Should Attend Linux Training in Chennai
  • All candidates can do this certification
  • Candidates should have interested to do work in linux platform can choose this Linux Training.
  • Experience professional also able to attend this certification.
  • More preferable certification for IT Specialist.
  • Networking and CCNA masters also do this Linux Certification.
  • Who need to shine in operating system domain will do this certification.
  • Web based administrator and its group.
  • Knowledge at email configuration.
  • Knowledge on troubleshooting.
  • Anyone working under “hood” technology can do this certification.
  • All IT candidates working under the development and testing.
  • Working under the IT support management will do this certification.

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Why to choose Linux certification courses in Chennai?
  • We offering best Linux certification courses in chennai.
  • Learn Linux from basics to advanced level to grow according to the society.
  • Linux is designed according to Unix.
  • Our ThinkIT experts are capable for your timings.
  • More than ninety percent Linux passioners are all working with the Top level IT companies with Real time Projects from our training.
  • Friendly environment is provided  for you to develop your skills.
  • One year of technical support is available for you to refresh your course clarification.
  • If you need linux admin training & linux server training, come and join our ThinkIT for your Linux training in chennai.
  • High level practical oriented classes with knowledgeable procedure.
  • To include advance technique in linux platform.
  • Get high level MNCs opportunity.
  • Comfortable fee structure for linux certification.
What you gain from Our Think IT's Linux Training in Chennai
  • Study and get best knowledge from our well knowledgeable trainers.
  • Well understandability about linux basics and its administration.
  • Getting help from our trainers for how to choose best tool.
  • Using administration process will acquire more knowledge for command line process.
  • Have guidance and assistance for your placement training
  • Get knowledge about how to manage the file and directories for each programming development.
  • Will describe the own scripts based on the linux server.
  • Found the different algorithm implementation using linux file system operation.
  • Have more case studies about ipconfig functionality.
  • Using application management have to find the best installation with its command editor.
  • Get the best implementation service of network service with its domain names.
  • Find the different domain methods for sharing the files.
  • Enter into the upcoming updates.
  • Will have knowledge for how to display disk with its statics functionality.
  • Will study about authentication of your programming server.
  • To perform different monitoring functions.
  • Will construct your SSH tools
  • End session of certification you might have some exams to get the rewards from  our techniques.

Prerequisites for Linux Training Chennai

  • Basic UNIX knowledge
  • Familiar in C programming language
  • Basic knowledge in compiling and linking the programs.

Linux Resources

What is linux?

Linux is an Open Source OS.It is the software of a computer, that enables the application and the computer operator to access the devices on computers to perform desired functions.We use the term “Linux” to refer the Linux Kernel.

  • Introduction
  • Program structure
  • Need of Python
Execution Steps
  • Interactive Shell
  • IDE
  • script files
Memory Management
  • Object creation
  • Object deletion
  • Properties of Objects
Data Types and Operations
  • Numbers
  • Tuple
  • Dictionary
  • Strings
  • List
  • Core otherTypes
Statements and Syntax
  • Assignments
  • Expressions
  • prints
  • While loop
  • Iterations
  • For Loop
  • Comprehensions
  • If tests and Syntax Rules
File Operations and Functions
  • File Opening
  • Using Files
  • Function definition
  • call
  • Function Objects
  • Anonymous Functions
  • Function Scope
  • Arguments
Modules and Packages
  • Module Creations
  • Usage of modules
  • Script and Module comparison
  • Importing and Creation Package
  • Module Search Path
  • Classes
  • Classes calls
  • instances
  • Bound and Unbound Methods
  • Operator Overloading
  • Inheritance
  • Compositions
  • Static method
  • Class Method
  • Polymorphism
Exception Handling
  • Exception Default Handler
  • Exception raise
  • Exception User
  • Catching Exceptions
#MODULE - 10
Advanced Concepts
  • Decorators
  • Iterates
  • Co routines
  • Generators

    Regular Batch ( Morning, Daytime, Evening )

  • Duration - 45 days
  • Weekend Training Batch ( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays )

  • Duration  → 9 Weeks ( As per Student's Convenience )
  • Fast Track batch durations( within 20 - 40 hours )

  • Duration → Within 15 days

Why should switch to Linux?

  • Linux is almost free OS with multiple source of distribution. This Operating system is mostly used in desktop devices. Not all the OS will get installed by GNU component of linux.
  • It supports the large number of networking protocols including TCP/IP and also provide the extension for high-speed networking.It also supports SCTP which provides many advanced features of TCP.

Features of linux

  • Open source
  • Portability.
  • Multitasking
  • Multi users
  • Security

What actually Linux course in Chennai refers to

  • Linux is mostly used as open source OS.
  • Red Hat linux is also one kind of OS.
  • It is said as large piece of Software that manages the computer.
  • Choosing your Linux course in chennai is the right way to develop your knowledge.
  • And we have placed more than 1,000 students as linux administrators in past year check our placement list here
  • It is not a company product, But most of the people were using it tocontribute.
  • It is said as a core component which is branched into different products and that is named as distributions.
  • Distribution completely changes the linux function.
  • It means Best faculties are available at flexible timings  for your convenience.
  • If you want to get shine in linux, come and join for your linux training chennai

Architecture of linux

  • Linux architecture explained about what are the division process included in programming process and using different level process.
  • Linux course in chennai will help you in making the good architecture design of linux in a unique manner.
  • We providing an excellent coaching with leading experts, choose your linux courses in chennai. We can see that Linux Kernel is divided into two space
  • User Space
  • Kernel Space

User Space

  • This is the space where the user applications are executed.

Kernel Space

  • This Kernel space is further divided into three levels

  • Call Interface
  • kernel
  • Architecture Kernel code
  • The full view of linux with arch, overview and extra concepts are available at  Linux course in chennai.

Essentials of Linux courses in Chennai

  • Essential concepts of linux training is provided in our ThinkIT.
  • Completion of your course in linux tutorial will help you to work in linux command prompt and command line tools.
  • Our institute is the best Linux courses in chennai which contains lot of terms about linux operating system.
  • Linux Training in Chennai will clearly explain all these courses with well expertized faculty members.

Reason to get embedded Linux Training in Chennai

Linux is an Operating system which gets embedded in many systems such as Smartphones,Tablet and other media player. Any version of linux used in such devices is said to be Embedded linux.Get into Embedded linux training in chennai, we were using GCC,GDB and making the way which are similar to native development. Our ThinkIT linux learning center will satisfies all the customer needs. In an embedded linux system most likely you will not having window system.

You will be interacting in small line command box with busybox and bash shell. For your future requirement join our ThinkIT embedded linux course in chennai. You can get shine in Embedded linux training in chennai if you have been trained by experienced faculties in embedded programming, working in a cross-development environment. Our ThinkIT is one of the best Embedded linux training institutes in chennai, join here and gain your knowledge skills.

Specialty of Linux certification in Chennai

  • The main speciality of Our ThinkIT trainers is delivering the concepts based on industry needs.
  • Linux certification can attain by our experienced professionals.
  • In our linux tutorial the trainings are undertaken in both theoretical and practical basis.
  • We offering Linux certification in Chennai with well experts, who are all working in Top level IT companies and they are certified in Linux.
  • It has always been a favorite in data center environment.
  • Gain your career skills and get certified from experts available for Red Hat certification in Chennai.
  • We Train you the basics of redhat linux by Best Faculties in market who are all certified in “Linux” with real time project example.
  • Linux courses in chennai is suitable for you to get certified in linux.
  • Learn Linux in the right linux academy to get better opportunity for you to place in the top MNC company.

Rated as Best Linux Administration Training in Chennai

  • We THINKIT offering Linux administration training in chennai with Best infrastructure to get shine in particular field.
  • Linux admin training is helpful for you to do the process after installation.
  • Linux command tutorial will help to find the installation details in the command prompt.
  • We train our students with unique structure which has never been followed in any training institute.
  • We are the Best Linux Administration training in chennai, we are offering best course with placement assurance and also of one year technical support for students to refresh the course clarifications.
  • We are giving you the linux training with well experienced person who working in top MNC company.
  • Linux Training Chennai will have more Faculties with best theoretical and practical knowledge in real time process.
  • Our ThinkIT linux learning centre chennai will include some of our speciality  thus below,

Best Infrastructure is provided for you to learn Linux in our Linux academy

  • Flexible fees & Timing
  • 100% placement assurance
  • percent of your classes in Practical
  • Soft copy of your course material will be given in free of cost
  • Free internet connection is available to download your syllabus
  • Free Resume preparation for your career support
  • Interview Based questions will be undertaken..
  • We will guide to get Linux certification in Chennai.
  • Linux Training in Chennai will provide all the student needs and will help in career satisfaction.
How to choose the Best Linux Training in Chennai?

We offering the Best Linux Training in Chennai by providing all our details for student verification.


  • Check the reviews of the students,who have been trained with peace of mind in your chosen
  • Responding to the students

  • Making a reply to the forum comments by the institute will gives you to select the right institute.
  • Know about the Trainer

  • By seeing the trainer profile and resume of them will help you to check the capability of the trainers.
  • Placement Records

  • Check the Student placement record by viewing the details of it given by the institute.
  • Materials

  • This is the important point to select the right Linux academy. Conform that, will they provide Soft copy of the course details along with the project details.


  • Technical support should available after the completion of your course. And all the above mentioned rules are available in our ThinkIT Linux tutorial.
  • Learn linux course in our Linux learning center to gain your knowledge in a better way.
  • Linux Training in chennai will optimise all the future usage.

Profile of Our Linux Trainers

  • More than 10 years of experience
  • Linux+ Certified Professionals
  • Trained 200+ students
  • Working in Top level MNC’S
  • Good knowledge of taking classes in practical & theoretical
  • Well support for the students to develop in career

Placement Details for Linux training

  • Trained with 1000+ Interview questions with answers
  • 93% of Placement records
  • Well organised for Interview basis
  • Free resume Preparation
  • Provide two updated projects for your resume.
Batch Size and Timing For Our ThinkIT Best Linux Training In Chennai

We are the best linux training in chennai. For course details and placements feel free to contact us.

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