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Mainframe Admin training in chennai provide 100% real-time, practical and placements focus mainframe admin course in chennai. Our Mainframe Admin certification  course concentrate from thebasic level training to advance level training. Our Mainframe Admin training in chennai completely focus to get placement in MNC company & certification on ibm mainframe system administration courses after complete of our course. Our Mainframe Admin trainer are Mainframe Admin certificate professional with more real world experienced in live project. Our Mainframe Admin syllabus are enough for anyone who want to get Mainframe Admin certificate which meet industry expectation. In our course plan, you will learn Mainframe system administration,,CICS administration,DB2 / UDB administration,Citrix,Mainframe application program,AS 400 application program,and Windows administration,CLIST, AS 400,ASSEMBLER programming,AIX / UNIX Administration,REXX, TIVOLI administration with practical exercise and live example.


Our training programme:

  • Our Mainframe Admin training in chennai is well focus on market requirement with 50% Hand-on and with the latest software version on IBM , i & p servers.
  • Our trainer are well experience and commit to provide quality mainframe admin tutorial  and have train over 1000 candidate for retail batch and most of the corporate sector.
  • Our Soft skill programs is conducted by well experience Trainer with rich industry exposures.
  • We can customization our training program that would suit your particular requirements.


  • Procedure of IPL
  • Administration of JES
  • Catalog
  • Storage Management
  • SMF
  • TCP/IP
  • VTAM
  • Administration of RACF
  • Introduction of SMP/E
  • Administration of DB2
  • Administration of CICS


Application program of mainframe
  • Introduction OS Environment
  • ISPF
  • Job Control Language
  • Fundamentals of VSAM
  • Administration of MVS
  • Operating System Customization
  • Concepts of Initialization
  • System data sets
  • Administration of JES
  • Catalogs
  • Storage Management
  • SMF
  • Administration of RACF
  • Introduction to SMP


Administration of DB2
  • Understanding RDBMS
  • DB2 universal Database – Overview
  • Create Databases
  • Data Placement
  • Creating Objects
  • Utilities
  • Monitoring
  • Determination of a Problem
  • Concurrency
  • Alternatives of Application
  • Performance of an Application
  • Security


Administration of CICS
  • Overview and Introduction to CICS
  • Initialization of CICS
  • Shutdown
  • Resources Types
  • Definition of Terminal
  • CICS Security
  • Backup
  • Recovery
  • Journals
  • Log of CICS
  • Termination of CICS
  • Restart consideration
  • Recoverable resources
  • Performance Tuning


Logical partitioning
  • Performance monitoring
  • Administration of Mainframe
  • Administration of DB2


Administration of AIX / UNIX
  • Introduction – AIX
  • System
  • Files
  • Directories
  • File Permissions
  • VI Editor
  • Basics of a Shell
  • Variables of a Shell
  • Processes
  • Customizing the User Environment
  • Utilities of AIX
  • Software Installation
  • Maintenance


Mainframe admin course in Chennai, Always a step ahead.

Our Mainframe Admin course in chennai is complete looking to offered this mainframe storage administrator training . Our Mainframe Admin training centres are equip with perfect environmentsto learning with all required facility. We guide ibm mainframe system administration courses student to be a certification at end of our these course. In the last six month timeframe we are complete mainframe storage administrator training for more than 77+ student with excellent feedback and placement in mainframe admin jobs . We are charge very competitives in the market which help to bring more than Mainframe Admin professional into this marketing. Our Mainframe Admin training course fees is very nominally which anyone can be pay in the instalment basic as well. We are have multiple class time which suit everyone who want to learningtheir own timing. OurMainframe Admin training will be schedule in regular weekday and weekend based on the student request. We do fast track Mainframe Admin training and mainframe admin online training in chennai with one to one basic. We are giving more Mainframe Admin training for corporate which employee of their companies will be benefit with our Mainframe Admin Course in chennai.


Mainframe is large server technology.Mainframe Server administration courses open new set of opportunity in leading MNC. Professional with mainframe servers admin knowledgeable is very few in India and unable to meet the industry’s demand. Industry need huge professional in this segments.


CICS administration , MVS administration,DB2 administration,n are the subtopic of mainframe server administration. With mainframe server administrator knowledgeable, able to the install and troubleshooting DB2,CICS and MVS other software COBOL etc. Server admin responsibility include create user, grant user right, monitor online transaction , check for downtimes, check for the job queue , move servers and running all the software smooth.


Mainframe admin online training in Chennai, beauty with perfection.

Think IT Training stand unique in provide the best Mainframe Admin Online training in chennai. Mainframe is ahighly performancescomputer using for large scale compute purpose. 60 to 70% of  businesses data in the world resided on the any of Mainframe database. Around 65% business application around the world are on Mainframe. Mainframe is high reliable and secured.Think IT Training is committed to providing mainframe admin certification to ‘bridge the gaps’ between the industries requirement for skill and available of train resource current in the market.


We provide a blended online training learning environments with class led by instructor and complement that with self-place e-learn content and that clear distinguish it from other training service provider.


Our Mainframe Admin training program offered not just theory and practically hand-on session but also engaged you with projects case study offer a complete, real time experienced this will be help you jump started and hit the ground run from day one let’s start today learn Mainframe Admin training in Chennai .


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