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Manual testing training in Chennai


Software testing is one of the fastest growing areas in IT in India as well as across the globe. Our vision is to create a concern where anyone is able to learn various aspects of software testing to find a foothold in IT industry or to enhance their career. We are the best providers of Manual Testing Training in Chennai with real time corporate professionals.

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Think IT training is a terminus of Education for anything and everything about Manual Testing. We bring in the latest technology, innovative teaching methodologies and quality education which are blended together to create unique learning along with practical experiences. We concentrate on both Manual testing projects and QTP QC training in Chennai testing streams. By course syllabus and practicals we are the best providers of Manual Testing Training in Chennai.

Boost Your Career at Manual testing in Chennai

Think IT leads the best Manual testing in Chennai. To be a good tester, it is highly important to know the Testing Processes and Practices very well. Knowing the application through Manual Testing tools is essential for an Automation Tester. Our Manual testing in Chennai, provides the best Job Oriented Manual Testing Training and Placement. When it comes to Software Testing, it is necessary to have Hands on experience in Real manual testing projects.

We assure the trainees that they will be involved in International manual testing projects. Trainees are encouraged to work on Web Application as well as Stand Alone Application. Thus, along with the training, the trainees can getreal Software Testing experience. Through our associated manual testing in Chennai , We have trained more than 50 + software testing students and provided placement for last month. Think IT is One Of the leading Manual Testing Training and placement, by maintaining placement record comparing some other institutes in Chennai.


Manual Testing Training Duration

Regular Batch - Daytime, Morning and Evening
  • Time Duration : 45 hours
Weekend Batches - Saturday and Sunday & Holidays
  • Time Duration : 9 weeks
Fast Track course Training - (daily 5+ hours)
  • Time Duration : 2 weeks
Manual Testing
  • Basics of Manual testing
  • software Testing life cycle
  • Various Static Techniques
  • Various techniques to test the software
  • Techniques of Test management
  • Add test cases
  • Run a test cases
  • Plan test case
Automation Testing
  • Fundamentals of Automation Testing
  • design and execute automation testing
  • How to test a database using SQL
  • Detailed explanation about software development life cycle
  • Various other types of test automation testing Various methods
  • Know about Automation testing architecture.
  • Debugging usage
  • Step Over
  • Step Into
  • Step Out
Descriptive Programming
  • Descriptive Programming
  • Types
  • Working with Object Collection
  • Working with DP Object
VB Scripting Basics
  • Data Types
  • Variables
  • Constant
  • Operators basics
  • Inbuilt functions
  • If Then Else and Select Case conditional constructs
  • Construct of looping WHILE, DO, NEXT
  • Arrays and Functions
QTP Real Time Projects
  • How to start in real time projects
  • How to connect to the Database
  • How to get input value from the external excel sheet
Loadrunner Version 11.0 And Below
  • Performance testing Introduction
  • Protocols
  • performance testing Types
  • Settings
  • Components of Loadrunner
  • components Details
  • expert workflow of Load runner
  • Work flow of Load runner
  • Correlation
  • Other supporting tools
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