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MSBI Training In Chennai


Enhance your power of Business Intelligence Through Our Think It Training

With help of Our quality training Experts identify features of MSBI.
We have flexible facilities for gaining knowledge from practical methods.
For more you should know about training and its scope check here.

Prerequisite skills for MSBI Training in Chennai
  • Must need Basic Understanding of RDBMS
  • Must Complete any degree
  • Lol, you don't RDBMS, no worries we will teach you. :)
Who Should do MSBI Course in Chennai
  • Who are all the Freshers and professionals make their career into Business Intelligence
  • All the software professionals can do this course
  • Who are all the persons having experience in RDBMs can do this course
  • ETL working persons also can attend this course
  • Anybody having experience in OLAP can do this training
  • Reporting tools is the method that is key to this, so they can do this course


MSBI Duration Training in Chennai
Regular classes ( Duration : 45 hours)
  • Forenoon
  • Day time
  • Evening
Weekend classes ( Duration : 45 hours)
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Holidays
Fastrack Programming Class
  • Every day 5+ hours
Our Training Video Reviews
Think IT Training Reviews given by our students already completed the training with us. Please give your feedback as well if you are a student.
Why Choose Think IT Training for MSBI Training
  • All the MSBI practical projects are implemented and analyse the result with experts
  • We collect Affordable course fees with the Installment facility
  • All the training materials are provided with free of cost for your future reference
MSBI Resources by Think IT
MSBI Useful Resources
SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition Download and Install
MSBI Top Interview Questions and Answers
About MSBI Career
MSBI Sample Resume
SSAS Syllabus
  • SSAS installation to SSAS 2012 & 14
  • Basic SSAS entities and usage
  • Dimension wizards & attributes
  • Cube wizard and relation
  • Dimensional types and KPI
  • SSAS partition and aggregation
  • MDX function,filters and joins
  • Data mining & forecast
  • Tabular model cube design
  • OLAP database management
  • usage based optimization
  • Using OLAP structure
  • Managing security with MDX
SSRS Syllabus
  • Introduction to SSRS and usage
  • Report planning & design
  • Report dataset & join
  • Report design & subreports
  • Report parameter and usage
  • Enterprise report in SSRS
  • Map report and cube report
  • Report builder and power view
  • Report management option
  • Subscription and report builders
  • Report security and upgrades
  • Power view with SSRS
SSIS Syllabus
  • Introduction to SSIS and Data warehouse
  • Basic ETL entities in SSIS
  • SSIS expression and package debugging
  • Data flow transformation and ETL
  • SSIS customization with .net
  • SCD transformation -ETL/DW
  • Checksum operation of ETL/DW
  • Event,error and logging
  • Master child package and fact loads
  • Deployment procedures
  • SSIS project deployment
  • SSIS package security reports
  • SSIS package upgrades
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