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SAS Training in Chennai

THINKIT is providing you the best SAS Training in Chennai Adyar.Statistical Analysis System - SAS is an integrated system of software products provided by Our SAS Institute Inc.,For thirty-four years, SAS has provided its users with the most powerful analytical software in the world and supplemented it with high quality, state-of-the-art training. From our SAS training you'll become more productive, efficient and innovative in your use of SAS inData Warehousing and learn how to get the most out of your software investment.In the coming year, we hope you'll choose to experience the benefits of SAS Course Chennai training for yourself.

Who can attend our SAS Training in Chennai
  • Students who have basic programing knowledge.
  • Freshers graduates
  • IT professions
  • Who want to make there career in SAS.
  • Who are interested to write SAS certification exam.
  • Having more interest in Business Analytics.
  • Students having more interest in Data Mining .
  • To develop career in Data Manipulation Techniques
  • Who have basic knowledge in Statistics and Business Management
  • Person who are all more interested to get the advanced knowledge of SAS
  • Basic good Programing skills

SAS Base Training Course SAS Advance Training Course
SAS Clinical Training Course

Why you Choose ThinkIT  for SAS Training in Chennai
  • Learn our SAS training  with Experienced Professionals.
  • We provide more Practical classes with different live projects in SAS.
  • Flexible class timings.
  • More practical class will be provided by our institute.
  • Our trainers are working in Top companies with 8+ years of experience.
  • We provide industry based training in SAS.
  • Start the course with the basics of SAS and its  fundamental.
  • Provide full details about SAS projects.
  • All required tools will be provided like PDF and Video materials.
  • All the practical projects are implemented and Analyse the results with improvement of SAS Processes
  • We only focus on quality in our training.
  • Provides Affordable fees structure
  • Provides 100 % job assurance after the SAS training
What You Gained from ThinkIT SAS Training in Chennai
  • You will learn from top experience professionals.
  • You will be expertised in data management , business analytics and analysis.
  • We will provide you live projects in SAS.
  • Complex problems will be solved with the help of Data step programing statements
  • Will write SAS Macro code
  • You will get a clear idea how to write SAS programs.
  • How to work with External files and options.
  • Use the multiple value promoting process
  • Do the process of converting the data type from the characters to the numeric, use the method as functions
  • Convert the data type from the numeric to the function use the function process
  • Knowledge in manipulating characters
  • Knowledge in Constructing sub queries.
  • Perform Effective Benchmarking with the help of SAS methods
  • You create the application with Data step, SQL procedure and Datasets.
  • Many companies need a top professionals who are well versed in SAS technology.
  • Our training will be very useful to enter into top MNC companies.
  • Job assistance and placements are support after the course completion.
Prerequisite skills needed for SAS Training in chennai
  • Must complete any professional degree
  • Candidate must have complete basic programing language.
SAS Free Resources by Think IT

Connect in SAS Online Training in Chennai - Feel the Experience

We are offering  SAS Course Chennai, you can go with the best course as per your current requirement. We are providing customized courses as per our course requirement.THINKIT training imparts SAS Programming, SAS online training in Chennai, that is a mix of Base SAS, Advanced SAS and Clinical SAS.This SAS courses in Chennai is perfect for people meaning to obtain the related certifications, specifically - SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9 and Advanced SAS Programmer. Our SAS certification training in Chennai provides a deep insight in all the areas, ranging from base to the advanced level of SAS data concepts.

The Base SAS domain focuses on concepts covered in two books - SAS Programming training Chennai. View SAS training "how to" videos, SAS tutorials, and demos to learn tips and tricks for working with SAS software. Our SAS online training in Chennai, are a series of self-teach SAS tutorials which will introduce you to the command language approach to SAS program. Each SAS tutorial is designed to take about twenty minutes.

Base SAS
  • SAS System introduction
  • Architecture
  • SAS Syntax Rules
  • Variables
  • Data Sets of SAS
  • Operators
  • Various Modules HISTORY
  • Features
  • Creating & Redefining Variables
  • Reading Raw Data
  • Data Set Options
  • Statement selection
  • Statement of Leave
  • Continue Statements
  • Input Styles
  • In file Statement With Options
  • Where Statement
Procedures of SAS Base
  • Proc Contents
  • Proc Delete
  • Proc Print
  • Proc Import
  • Proc Summary
  • Proc Means
  • Proc Copy
  • Proc Datasets
  • Proc Append
  • Proc Export
  • SAS/ SQL introduction
  • Data Types
  • Functions, Predicates
  • Creating ,Populating & Deleting Tables
  • Formatting Output
  • Key Words
  • Case Expression and Conditional Logic.
  • Group By Clause
  • Operators
  • Order By Clause
  • Constraints
  • Features
  • Uses
  • Terminology
  • Having Clause
  • Statement of Table Alter
  • Column’s Changing Length
  • Joins
  • Table & Columns Renaming
  • Views
  • Concepts of Macro
  • Parameters Adding To Macros
  • Conditional Logic Macros
  • Usage of Macros Various Procedures
  • Using Macro Variables
  • Functions of Macro
  • Creating Modular Code With Macros
  • Macro Variables
  • Creating Macro Variables
  • Variables Automatic
  • External Including Macros

SAS Training Duration in Chennai

    ThinkIT Regular classes (Morning , daytime and Evening)

  • Durations -- 45 days.
  • ThinkIT Weekend training classes(Saturday, Sunday and Holidays)

  • Durations -- 9 Weeks.
  • ThinkIT Fast Track training program(5+  hours daily)

  • Duration -- within 15 days

Your Future No Borders - SAS Training Institute in Chennai

  • Learn Statistical Analysis System - SAS from the Best SAS Training Institute in Chennai with the most experienced trainers and SAS certified expert trainers in this field.
  • ThinkIT training provides SAS training in Chennai to experts and corporates on cutting edge examination, business insight, information administration, and perceptive examination.
  • SAS Training incorporates Software Programming, SAS Clinical training Analysis and Analytics modules, which can be benefited by experts with IT, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Statistics, MBA and such backgrounds on both Classroom Trainings and SAS Online Training in Chennai.

THINKIT Training, World-class Certified SAS Training Institute in Chennai for Base SAS, Advanced SAS, SAS Clinical training Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Management, and Predictive Analytics.

Are You Ready for SAS Training Chennai

SAS training Chennai and SAS certifications are some of the most comprehensively famous programming certifications. SAS is a pioneer in Business Analytics programming and the biggest autonomous Business Intelligence programming seller. SAS helps people in all lines of business gain insight and deliver better business decisions.

  • Custom lessons with specific terminology and examples from your business.
  • Designed and developed from scratch with your employees in mind.
  • Simulations are based on your SAS system, mirroring your exact system version, configuration and business processes.
  • Courses can be organized by business process or job role and include any functionality that you desire.
Choosing a SAS Certification Training in Chennai Can Steer Your Career to New Heights

ThinkIT SAS training syllabus is adjusted to SAS Program Base SAS 9, SAS Advanced Programming SAS 9, SAS Predictive Modeling, SAS Statistical Business Analyst exams for SAS 9. We test your SAS Foundation and SAS Programming training Chennai, information before you show up for the SAS Certification Chennai.Our SAS Certification Training in Chennai with SAS Exam planning towards Base SAS, Advance SAS, SAS Clinical training, SAS Programming, Clinical Data Manager, Data Management & Reporting, Platform Administrator, SAS Data Integration Studio, BA Data Mining with Statistics, Business Intelligence, Visual Analytics, Predictive Modeling,  SAS Certification Chennai course, that is solely outlined with Basics through Advanced SAS Concepts.

Real Time project scenarios, SAS 9.3 Certification and Interview Guidance are provided during the course. All our training sessions are Completely Practical and Real Time. SAS certification training in Chennai, program was created to recognize SAS programming clients who can exhibit an inside and out comprehension of SAS program. SAS Certifications are created by worldwide gauges and in view of study results and input from our clients. SAS 9.3 Certification Program can give you a distinct advantage.

 An SAS Certification demonstrates that you have a solid understanding of a job role and the SAS products used in that role. Being an SAS Certified Programmer  you can help  to raise your visibility and increase your access to the industry's most challenging opportunities.

We Create Skillful SAS Training Course in Chennai
  • Best SAS training course in Chennai have the best Leading SAS real time training institute in Chennai.
  • This course has been designed by industry experts who have decades of experience. No prior knowledge of statistics or the language of SAS is required.
  • SAS courses in Chennai teaches you to use in demand analytics tools and techniques like language of SAS, SQL & Excel or R. SAS Trainers in our SAS Training institute are Globally Experienced, Certified. "The best part of the course is the highly experienced and approachable mentors”.
  • They guide you in the right way and help you fulfill your aspirations about pursuing a career in analytics." Learn Statistical Analysis System (SAS) from the Best SAS Training Institute in Chennai with the most experienced and SAS certified trainers in the field.
  • In SAS training in Chennai  we will teach you the most practical things required for you to get and survive a SAS Jobs in Chennai.
  • We give Certification support and arranged for SAS training and placement. A person with SAS Certification Shows the capacity required to satisfy an association's information investigation's targets.
  • With capable information in programming ,examination, and information administration, people can plan to take a shot at presumed assignments of SAS Analysts, Programmers, Developers and Consultants.
  • People with an unmistakable fascination in Business Analytics and Data Mining, alongside a desire to figure out how to compose SAS programs. People planning to manufacture capability in information control methods.

Our advanced SAS Trainers

More than 9 years experiences in SAS domain.

  • SAS certified professionals
  • Trainers are working in top MNC Companies.
  • Has worked in 6 real time projects.
  • Trained large number of  students so far.
  • Strong practical and theoretical knowledge.

SAS Placement Training in Chennai

  • More than 500+ students trained
  • More placement records
  • More  than 100  interview were organized
  • Placement supported by our

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