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Need to gain technical Knowledge and latest trends about Android?

Join selenium training in chennai in THINKIT TRAINING institute provided with the placement opportunities
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What is Selenium testing ?

Selenium is an automation testing frameworks that is used to test web based applications. Selenium is an open source and execute the script in parallel. Selenium allows user to write test script in several programming language such as Java,Perl,C#,PHP etc.

Java is the most popularly and widely adopted programming language used with the Selenium.Selenium can be installed on different operating system like Macintosh, Linux & Windows.Selenium supports all the leading browser.


Who should attend the Selenium Training in Chennai
  • Who wants to build their career in Testing field
  • Who wants to start their career with automation testing
  • Testers who wants to gain knowledge in selenium testing concepts
  • Who wants to know about Java language with the testing concepts
Prerequisites for getting Selenium Training in Chennai
  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of automation testing
  • Java programming language is mandatory
  • Lol, you don't have any knowledge in above languages, no worries we will teach you. :)
Our Training Video Reviews
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Course Duration of Selenium
Regular Batch - Daytime, Morning and Evening
  • Time Duration : 45 hours
Weekend Batches - Saturday and Sunday & Holidays
  • Time Duration : 9 weeks
Fast Track course Training - (daily 5+ hours)
  • Time Duration : 2 weeks
Why choosing Thinkit training for Selenium Certification
  • Excellent lab facilities are available with LCD systems
  • Our Institute is provided with Soft skills development training for the job seekers
  • Affordable training fees
Selenium Free Resources
Selenium Download and Configuration Link It's Absolutely Free
Selenium Job Oppurtunities in Chennai
Selenium for Mobile
Selenium Interview Questions
  • Introduction of selenium
  • Components of selenium
  • Advantages of selenium
  • How it differs from other automation tools
  • Overview of Testing framework
  • Overview of Eclipse
Selenium Architecture
  • Web driver Architecture
  • Brief explanation about advantages of web driver.
  • Web driver vs. Selenium RC
  • Selenium RC Architecture
Locator Techniques
  • Introduction about locator concept
  • X Path techniques explanation with different kind of real time scenarios.
  • Brief explanation of different locator techniques
Selenium IDE
  • Download and Installation
  • Convert the IDE script into RC script
  • Validate the locator value using IDE
  • Record and playback techniques
Selenium Setup
  • Explanation of step by step instructions for setup
  • Integration of eclipse and Testing
  • Selenium RC
  • Start the selenium server
  • Write the basic script of Selenium RC
  • Brief explanation of commands in selenium RC
  • Basics of Annotations in Testing
  • How to execute the different ways and look the results
Web Driver
  • Web driver setup
  • More programming techniques in web driver
  • Create our own methods in web driver
  • Project structure organization
  • Using RC commands from web driver project
  • Handling different browsers
  • Migration of selenium - 1 code to selenium - 2
  • Detailed discussion about web driver commands
  • About Testing framework and testing
  • Grouping the test cases
  • Assertions
  • Suite execution from command prompt without eclipse
  • Verifications
  • Parameter configurations
  • Create customized report using testing & Java
  • Parallel script execution
  • Suite creation methodology
  • Report generation
  • Listeners in testing
  • Testing Configuration
  • Annotation concept and different types
Auto IT
  • Need of Auto IT tool
  • Converting AU3 file to exe file
  • Calling Auto IT script from selenium project
  • Basics of Auto IT tool and create simple script
Auto IT
  • Need of Auto IT tool
  • Converting AU3 file to exe file
  • Calling Auto IT script from selenium project
  • Basics of Auto IT tool and create simple script
#MODULE - 10
Selenium Grid
  • Introduction of selenium Grid
  • Script changes for Selenium grid execution
  • Parallel execution using grid
  • Simple script execution using grid
  • Installation and setup of Hub and node
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