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Created by Microsoft, SharePoint is a web application stage. This was initially connected with the archive administration and intranet content administration, whereas later it gained extensive abilities to perform better.


Software testing is becoming an integral part of application development. Be it a web application, mobile application or any other tools development, software testing has got a major role to play in ensuring the quality and performance of the application. This in turn also emphasizes the need to employ skilled software testers, who is capable of managing both manual testing and automated testing process.


With many businesses emerging online and wanted to establish its brand in the digital market now chooses to develop various applications, which can be accessed even on the Android and smartphones. This, in turn, has created a need to employ skilled software testers with appropriate certification and qualifications. This implies that there is a growing scope for more employment for the qualified software testers in the development and testing industry.


As a supporting attempt, there are some reputable institutions across the city and online striving hard to provide the best and advanced software testing training courses for the candidates. Taking this opportunity, Think IT now offers the most advanced software testing training program for our candidates. Our training program is also potent enough to create ample placement opportunities for you.


MS SharePoint offers user access to Check-in / Checkout functions and version function. It can also be extended by using applet, which enables to add additional functions including share calendar, email alerts, and many others. SharePoint helps people work together by setting up a website to share any information with others. It also helps to efficiently manage documents and publish reports. This feature of SharePoint also helps to make better decisions.


Understanding ample advantages and importance of using SharePoint, Think IT provides the most advanced level MS SharePoint training program.


As one of the renowned SharePoint training institutions in Chennai, Think IT makes use of the opportunity that the industry has created to offer best training program to the aspiring candidates. With ample job opportunities, we carefully design the curriculum with the guidance and support industry experts and SharePoint professionals. Our years of industry exposure in providing various training program, Think IT ensure that every individual candidate in our institute gets direct attention from our faculties. If you are a graduate or fresher and seeking to enter into a growth filled career, then our SharePoint course and certification will be a perfect choice for you.


Think It – The Right Platform for Effective Software Testing Training

Think It always takes a step ahead to stand out from the crowd with the focus of providing up-to-date testing training programs to our candidates. We always keep an eye on the current scenario trending in the testing industry in order to provide present curriculum to our candidates during the training program.


Here are a few highlights of our institution to emphasize why you choose us:


  • Our software testing courses are absolutely current and suit the employer’s expectation
  • Our training program can make you skillful and knowledgeable to handle real-time testing challenges
  • Our certification can certainly make you become qualified for top placement opportunities in top companies at the global level
  • Our faculty team comprises only skilled and experienced software testing professionals
  • You will achieve direct and one-to-one attention during the training
  • Our study materials are current and up-to-date to suit present industry requirements
  • The complete testing course content is designed to provide knowledge to candidate from basic through advanced testing strategies



Microsoft Sharepoint Training

Microsoft Sharepoint Training Covers
Microsoft Admin Training
Microsoft Development Training – Topics.
These training courses will provide you an assured job with
interview guidance within 90 days guarantee!!!
After finishing this IOS Certification Program you
can receive below certifications
Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Service 3.0 Application Development
Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007, Application Development
Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Services, Configuration
Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007, Configuring
Salient Features
  • Excellent Faculties
  • Real Time Project
  • Job oriented program
  • Excellent Placements
  • High Emphasis of Project
  • Easy Installation Steps
  • Unlimited Lab Access
Topics Covered
  • Sharepoint Overview, Sharepoint Architecture Structure
  • Backup & Restore, Configuring Security & Authentication
  • Web Application Management, Workflow
  • Managing Site COllection
  • InfoPath Integration, Web parts
  • Navigation & User Look, Sharepoint BI
  • Sharepoint Editor, Server side API, Client side API


Who can choose our SharePoint Training Program?

Think IT always ensures that the training program we design, right from the basic levels to the advanced one suit all candidates, no matter you are fresher seeking to enter into a progressive industry or a professional already employed but seek extra knowledge and skills to excel in your career. In this axis, our SharePoint training program best suits:

  • Fresher / graduate with any computer science based degree
  • Candidate with knowledge in debugging / optimizing
  • All professionals looking to gain knowledge in SharePoint
  • Candidate / professional experienced in SharePoint cadre
  • Candidate with expertise in Objectives, Libraries, and Contents
  • .NET professionals
  • Candidate with knowledge in web development and web designing


What Will You Learn from Our Software Testing Training Program?

Before designing our software testing curriculum for the training program, we closely work with the industry experts, top companies, and experienced software testing professionals to gain sufficient knowledge of what is trending in the industry and how the candidates should be prepared for the future challenges. Our attempt has made us become the tough competitor in the software testing training platform to other institutions in providing best quality coaching to our candidates.


Here is a quick glance at what you will learn from our training program;

  • Software development life cycle
  • Software test life cycle
  • Tools and automation
  • Live project
  • Manual testing  / automated Selenium testing
  • UFT / QTP training
  • Mobile testing
  • ETL Testing
  • Load runner training
  • Write test case, execute test case, log defects identified
  • Prepare test plan documents / clarification documents
  • Get familiar with test design
  • Execute test cases
  • Test reporting
  • Track defect / Defect categorization / Defect management


You can perhaps take the assistance of our support team or our faculty to gain more knowledge about the software testing course and training program.  From our various packages or types of training program offered for software testing, you are also flexible to custom choose your preferred or required training for software testing.


Types of Testing Techniques

You will also learn various types of testing techniques from our training program, which includes;

  • Static testing / Dynamic testing
  • Structure / White box testing / Black box testing
  • Unit testing / smoke testing / integration testing
  • System testing / regression testing / user acceptance testing 
  • Globalization testing / localization testing
  • Performance testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Data migration / data conversion testing
  • Usability testing
  • Install / uninstall testing
  • Security / penetration testing


You will also learn various software lifecycle models including:

  • V Model
  • Waterfall model
  • RAD model
  • Incremental model
  • Agile model
  • Spiral model
  • Iterative model


Our Training Video Reviews
Think IT Training Reviews given by our students already completed the training with us. Please give your feedback as well if you are a student.


Why Choose Think IT for MS SharePoint Training in Chennai?Why Choose Think IT for MS SharePoint Training in Chennai?

Besides these highlights of our SharePoint training program, we also assist our aspiring candidates to prepare for their interview and get best placement opportunity in top companies. Our training program is mostly career-focused; therefore, by the completion of the training program, you will certainly become a skilled professional to handle any real-time challenges. This skill and confidence will certainly help you get selected by the companies and placed in top positions with excellent salary packages.

  • Our curriculum focuses more on hands-on practices and challenging projects including SPD and OOB workflows
  • Help gain knowledge in optimizing and debugging
  • Provide authentication training and various serve objects model training
  • Absolutely affordable fee for the SharePoint training
  • We offer SharePoint development tools required for training free of cost
  • Gain knowledge in web development and web designing


Advantages of Our SharePoint Training:Think IT always designs the SharePoint training curriculum with the focus of enabling the candidates to achieve all essential knowledge that will help them become a professional. In this aspect, our SharePoint training program will benefit:

  • IT professionals to learn advanced SharePoint curriculum and perform well in their career
  • Developers become skilled to build custom applications and components that businesses seek
  • End users to share ideas and expertise whilst gaining the relevant business information, which is crucial to make important decision


Your Career Opportunities:Our SharePoint training will certainly create a better career opportunity for all the candidates successfully obtaining the certification. This certification from our reputable institution can help you become;

  • Admin expert
  • Build a career in application server and web applications
  • Website developers
  • System security professional
  • Content management professional
  • Programmer and other professionals


This training program will also help you to gain knowledge about development tools, workflows, find solutions, host websites and much more.


Prerequisites for Joining Our SharePoint Course in Chennai:Although fresher and graduate with computer science based degree can choose our SharePoint training program, it also best suits candidates with the qualifications of:

  • Experience and knowledge in visual studio
  • .NET framework


What Will You Learn? SharePoint CurriculumOur SharePoint course curriculum is carefully designed to help every individual candidate to gain knowledge right from the basic level to advanced level. With this focus, our SharePoint training curriculum will include;

  • Basics of SharePoint 2010
  • Install SharePoint Server 2010
  • Configure and Administer Security in SharePoint
  • Configure SharePoint Server 2010
  • Create and Configure Web Applications
  • Manage Site Collection Growth using Governance Plan
  • SharePoint 2010 Development overview
  • Create SharePoint 2010 Web parts
  • Create Event receivers / Application settings
  • Develop interactive user interfaces
  • Develop workflows
  • Develop Client object model
  • Work with List and Libraries
  • Server-side Code
  • Design / Manage Feature and Solutions
  • Manage Custom Components / Site Lifecycles
  • Manage Identity / Permissions and more


Microsoft-sharepoint duration training in chennai
Regular classes ( Duration : 45 hours)
  • Forenoon
  • Day time
  • Evening


Weekend classes ( Duration : 45 hours)
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Holidays


Fastrack Programming Class
  • Every day 5+ hours


You are also flexible to choose or customize the curriculum according to your individual requirements or career objectives. Our trained and experienced faculties, who are also industry professionals, will assist you to rightly choose your SharePoint training program and channelize your career path as you desire. You can thus experience the best support and guidance right from the initial stage of choosing your training program through the completion of the course and obtaining your certification.


We also take efforts to periodically update the curriculum according to the present industry scenario and expectations of the employers. This, therefore, further creates an excellent platform for the candidates to achieve a perfect training in SharePoint and quickly enter into a career with successful job placement. With our track record of almost all candidates having placed in excellent jobs, we pride exhibiting ourselves as one of the highly competitive SharePoint training institutions in Chennai.


Career Guidance:

As a part of our training program, we also provide career guidance or counseling to our candidate at the end or successful completion of the course. We guide you in terms of :

  • Certification, such as CAST/ ISTQB CTFL / QAI CSTE certification
  • Resume, such as how to effectively create your resume, focus towards your skills and qualifications
  • Interview guidance, such as how to present yourself in a qualified and presentable way to the recruiter with a full confidence level

Our software testing training program is not only for the fresher seeking to enter into the industry with good job position and salary packages, but it is also designed to suit the expectations of the professionals who are already employed in software testing. Our advanced level programs best suit the software testers who are striving hard to move to the next level of their career and achieve a top position with excellent packages. We guarantee that our software testing program can certainly create a wonderful platform for you to enter into this rapidly growing industry whilst achieving your career objectives.

Our software testing program will suit working professionals in KPO, BPO, and any other non-IT based jobs. It makes you become skilled and gain industry knowledge, which is crucial to handle any real-time projects assigned.
Along-side software developers who want to get a better understanding and master software testing can also choose our training program.
Think IT is continuously on the top position among other competitive institutions providing software testing in the city. We also provide online training program to enable candidates from a far distance to join our software testing program from the place where they are. Indeed you will certainly gain the feel of learning in the real classroom. We provide ample hands-on practices, which will encourage you to learn many new techniques and methodologies of software testing.

We welcome your inquiries and questions to know more about our software testing training program.

Our support executives are always ready to assist you with required details and guide you choose the right software testing program that suits your career goal and expectations.


To know more about our training program and other inquiries, contact our support executives or visit our Think IT institution in Chennai.


Sharepoint Download and Install Method
Sharepoint Basic Programming
Sharepoint Interview Questions and Answers
Career in Sharepoint
Sharepoint 2013 Cheat Sheet


Objective for Sharepoint
  • Architecture of Sharepoint API
  • How to install and config
  • Usage for Sharepoint model
  • How to create sites and web pages
  • Security concepts
  • Based on Program API


Introduction to sharepoint
  • What is sharepoint?
  • How to use sharepoint?
  • How to Install and configure the process?
  • Requirements of hardware and software
  • Two modules of Sharepoint
  • Sharepoint admin
  • Sharepoint development
  • Architecture of Sharepoint tools
  • Sites
  • Communities
  • Content
  • Insights
  • Search
  • Composites


Overview for Sharepoint developer
  • Block diagram for Sharepoint
  • Requirements based on Sharepoint
  • Implement the cloud premises
  • Configuration process
  • Explore the Sites and list


Benefits for API
  • Features for farm
  • Web page application
  • How to collect the site
  • Web and List the features


Security in Sharepoint concepts
  • Authenticate databases
  • Implementation for apps pool process
  • Uses for manage and authenticate
  • Steps used for authentication


Managing for Web Apps
  • How to Create a new web apps
  • Database content for web apps
  • How to Create the site and list for collections
  • Collect the header host
  • Database systems web apps
  • Default configure


Scenarios for Managing for sub sites
  • List and Site implement the collections process
  • Library for Standard Sites
  • How to create templates
  • Customize the solutions of sites
  • Data types for security content
  • Integrate the default process of web apps
  • Use the concepts for Content types


Practices for Sharepoint tools
  • How to develop the option of API
  • Implement the tools of API
  • Deploy the solutions
  • What is farm and Sandbox
  • Server Model object
  • Client Model object
  • Application for Web page
  • Working flows for sharepoint development tutorial


Sharepoint application development
  • What is Sharepoint apps development
  • Usage of Unknown party
  • How to create and deploy application
  • Cloud based concepts.


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