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Struts 2, build through a joints with efforts of the WebWork and Struts community, is an improved struts framework in java for building J2EE web application. This Struts 2 training online training in Chennai and the class target students to learn in online and get a job to become a Java EE developers for your career growth.

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Apache Struts 2 Online Training in Chennai with Prerequisites
  • Servlets programming
  • Java programming
  • Basic skill of XML is recommend but not essential
  • JSP
Training Mode in online :
  • Group or individual(in 2-4) Struts 2 Online Training in Chennai.
  • Week days, Week end and Fast Track training by talented working expert.
  • Introduction struts java One-On-One training in our area.
  • Regular schedule batch struts training course in your area or our place.
  • Fast track training in your place.
  • You can opt mode we are flexible and it is according to learner.

Struts Training Duration

Regular Batch - Daytime, Morning and Evening
  • Time Duration : 45 hours
Weekend Batches - Saturday and Sunday & Holidays
  • Time Duration : 9 weeks
Fast Track course Training - (daily 5+ hours)
  • Time Duration : 2 weeks
  • Architecture – Struts
  • Overview – Struts
  • Pattern for command
  • Know more about XML
  • Java in Struts
  • Action Mappings
  • Forms workings
  • Technology with presentation
  • Validation forms
  • Pattern for command web applications
  • Action servlet
  • Configuration for struts
  • Handling with declarative exception
  • Exceptions with global handlers
  • HTML forms workings
  • Beans forms
  • Input relationship
  • Action relationship
  • Output relationship
  • Map-backed forms
  • Validation
Struts Libraries
  • Components building
  • Libraries with struts
  • Expressions for struts
  • Attributes to struts
  • Forms for building
  • Scope for data formation
  • Hyperlinks
  • Errors messages
  • Tags logically
Standard Tag Library For JSP​
  • Overview for JSP
  • Expression language
  • Core tags
  • Tag formatting
  • Tags in XML
  • Tags in SQL
  • Properties indexed
Libraries - Struts Tag
  • Components of Building View
  • Libraries in Struts Tag
  • Attributes
  • Struts Expressions
  • Building Forms
  • Forms
  • Form Beans
  • Scope and Duration of Form Data
  • Management of Hyperlinks
  • Error Messages
  • Logic Tags
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