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What is VCloud?

A platform built on VSphere from VMware is said to be Vcloud. It is a management tool in cloud computing . It manages IaaS by monitoring and controlling different cloud computing components such as

  • VM (Virtual Machine),
  • Billing,
  • Security,
  • Self services access.
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Finally, The vcloud networking and security is a service totally depends on the platform of strong VMware’s virtualization based on new class that allows the pre-paid model to access the computing resources for software developers and other users. When computing on demand VCloud Express training in Chennai will supply patrons with the power and control needed to configure resources.

Benefits of doing vcloud certification in Chennai:
  • Flexible and increase in career growth.
  • Provides extra weightage in your resume which helps during the placements.
  • Certification is one of the criteria expected by the corporates.
  • Can make use of the logo which speaks a lot during the recruitment process.
  • There will be an offer provided to every admission in VMware events

Vmware VCloud Training Duration

Regular Batch - Daytime, Morning and Evening
  • Time Duration : 45 hours
Weekend Batches - Saturday and Sunday & Holidays
  • Time Duration : 9 weeks
Fast Track course Training - (daily 5+ hours)
  • Time Duration : 2 weeks
  • Basics of V Cloud
Architecture and Components  of VMware vCloud Dirctor
  • Cloud computing approach of VMware products
  • vCloud components Review and their functions 
  • Integration Examination of other VMware products
  • Determination of licensing needs
VMware vCloud Networking
  • vCloud Director Network types
  • Organization and network traffic choices of VMWare
  • Network pools functions
  • sharing of content between vApps and organizations
Providers  of VMware vCloud
  • Storage resources Identification for vCloud Director 
  • Configurtion and management for providers storage
  • organization space allocation
  • Management storage requirements for shadow virtual machines and linked clones
Director Organizations Of VMware vCloud
  • organizations Creation and management
  • Recognize organization resource allocations
  • catalogs Creation and management
Basic Security
  • role based access description
  • Create security roles for custom
  • Single sign on Description
Management of Cloud Resourses
  • Understanding and identifying of vCloud Director requests 
  • Organization virtual datacenters and Manage provider
VMware vSphere Resources Management
  • Management of VMware vCenter instances Server
  • VMware ESXi hosts Management
  • vSphere datastores Management
  • Stranded items  Management
  • Resource pools Configure and management 
VMware vCloud Componets Monitoring
  • Usage Monitor information of virtual datacenters organization and provider
  • Analyzing of vCloud Director logs
#MODULE - 10
Organization User’s
  • catalog tasks description
  • vApp tasks description
#MODULE - 11
Installation  of VMware vCloud Director
  • installation of vCloud Director 
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