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Web Designing Training in Chennai


Web designing is becoming an integral part of any online marketing approaches. It is only an effective website that can take your business reach widely in the digital space. However, although the website functions as a platform for a business to establish and exhibit their products and services, it is still crucial to make this platform effective, creative and informative, which can boost the interest of the visitors to stay for a while. In this axis, a web design has a major role to play.

Web Designing Training

Web Designing Training Covers
CSS, Javascript, Jquery, PHP and MySql - Topics.
Combination of all these topics covers this course which will provide you the job in
web designing field within 90 days!!
If the web designing course are completed by an individual they
can move for various certifications
Certified Web Designer Associate (CWDA)
Certified Web Developer Associate (CWDVA)
Certified Associate Webmaster (CAW)
Certified Web Administrator Associate (CWAA)
Certified Professional Web Developer (CPWDV)
Certified Web Consultant (CWCSB)
Salient Features
  • Updated study materials will be provided
  • Professional experts guidance
  • Practical based training
  • Detailed video explanations
  • Program coding and installation steps
  • Admirable infrastructure
  • Online class facilities
  • Provide guidance for career development
  • Placement training
  • Quality training by our professional experts
  • Model placement papers will be provided
  • Guidance provided after course completion
Topics Covered
  • HTML tags
  • Web pages linking
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML 5 animation
  • CSS class exploration
  • Event handling in javascript
  • Jquery DOM and events
  • Ajax
  • Cookies in PHP
  • Session management
  • Performance optimization in php
  • Transaction management of MySql
Importance of Web Designing:

The core objective of web designing is to create an attractive, informative and appealing website that can engage the visitors. The web designer has a major role to play bringing the expected results by integrating his/her technical knowledge with creative ideas to create a website. Although there are ample software available like CSS, Photoshop, CSS and many others to design a website, the role of a web designer is crucial to achieve expected results. Web designing may also involve the use of languages JavaScript particularly for custom graphics and add various multimedia elements

The complete look of a website should be designed precisely to suit business type, client expectations and visitors requirements. Undeniably, a perfect design is also vital to support SEO and digital marketing activities.

With infinite factors involved in designing a website fulfilling the professional requirements, the need for a skilled web designer is inevitable. This emphasizes many top digital marketing companies, corporate organizations and others to hire skilled and certified web designers for their graphic and designing needs. Perhaps, this has also increased the placement opportunities.

With the focus to help the aspiring candidates to grasp this opportunity and get placed in top companies as professional website designers, Think IT offers various website designing courses and training programs.

Web Designing Training by Think IT

The prime qualification of a web designer is being innovative and artistic. With this as the fundamental qualification and interest of a candidate, we provide the most advanced web designing training and courses, which will further enhance your skills.

Our course is designed with the key focus of sharpening your skills via industry-related projects and practical sessions. Our training program will equip you with all essential skills to master you in web designing.

Who can choose our Web Designing Course?

Our web designing course and training is not limited to any particular group of professionals or candidates. Perhaps, anyone who is interested to enter a new and progressing industry with ample career opportunities can choose it.

Our advanced levels of web designing courses best suits web designers and other professionals who are already employed, yet want to enhance their skills and obtained higher level certification to move to the next level of their career.


Our Training Video Reviews
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Why Choose Think IT?

Here are a few valid reasons to choose us for your web designing course:

  • Ample hands-on training
  • Encouraged to build your code
  • Work on industry related projects
  • Flexible to choose both weekday and weekend classes
  • Free demo class to help you gain fundamental knowledge about the course
  • Best pricing for the course
  • Real-time project training
  • One-to-one attention during training
  • Highly skilled faculties who are industry professionals
  • Carefully designed course / curriculum to suit present industry scenario
  • Job placement assistance
Web designing Training Duration in Chennai
Regular Classes( Morning, Daytime & Evening )
  • Duration → 45 days
Weekend Training Classes( Morning, Daytime & Evening )
  • Duration → 9 weeks
Fast Track Training Program( 5+ hours daily )
  • Duration → Within 15 days
What do our Web Designing Training Course Contain?
  • HTML
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Ajax
  • Jquery / Events
  • MySql / Transaction management
  • Javascript / Event handling
  • Web page linking
  • Bootstrap
  • Cookies in PHP
  • Performance optimization in PHP
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Web Designing Interview Questions
Introduction to Web Designing
  • Basics of  Web Designing
  • DNS and Domain Names
  • Server Software and Client Software
  • Dynamic and Static
  • Web Technologies Career
Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Basics of Stock Photography
  • Images types and Tools for Image Editing
  • Overview of Adobe Photoshop
  • Photoshop Tools usage
  • Filters, layers and action
  • Creation of Customizing Effects
  • Basics of Website Layout and Design Banners.
  • website layout for Design Concepts
  • Changeover of PSD into XHTML
Working with Adobe Phohtoshop
  • Basics of Animation
  • Overview of Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Flash Tools
  • Frame in Animation
  • Types of Flash Effectts
  • Creation of Flash Banner
  • Flash intro Creation
  • Flash Website Creation
  • Action Scripting Basics
Introduction to HTML & DHTML
  • HTML Structure
  • Both basics and Advanced HTML Tags
  • Basic Tags of DHTML
  • Difference between HTML & DHTML
  • Doctype Introductions
  • Creation of Simple HTML Tags
CSS- Cascading Style Sheets
  • Overview of CSS
  • Style Sheets Types
  • CSS Selectors Types
  • Overall CSS properties
  • Conversion of Table layout into CSS
  • Layout Design in Custom CSS
  • Creation of drop down menus
  • Creation of Appealing forms with the help of CSS
  • CSS Tricks and with Tips Hacks
Working with Java Script
  • scripting in both Client and Server Side
  • Overview of Java Scripting
  • Java Scripts types
  • Loops, Variables and Operators
  • DOM,Objects and events
  • Java Script Functions
  • Usage of Java script in the Dreamweaver
  • Validations in JavaScript
  • Implementation of galleries and menus
  • Ajax Introduction
  • Ajax Examples on Real time basis
Creation Of Websites
  • Client Specifications and requirements
  • Creation of Layout and Concepts
  • Color Scheme usage
  • Selection of Stock Photography
  • Typography and Texture
  • Designing a Professional Layout.
  • Conversion of PSD to CSS
  • Implementation of JavaScript.
Web Hosting with the Help of  FTP
  • Basics of web Hostings
  • Hosting Packages Types
  • Modifying the Name Servers
  • Windows XP and Linux
  • Usage of FTP Client
  • Maintenance of Website
Working with Adobe Dreamweawer - CC
  • Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver CC
  • Interface Learning
  • Defining of Dreamweaver site
  • Adding Multimedia and Content
  • Creation of user submission forms
  • Importing website designs
  • Dynamic Feature
#MODULE - 10
Testing - Implementation
  • Various Browser with various versions
  • Validating the DHTML and CSS
  • Common Issues
Major Courses covered

Think IT takes all measures to cover the major courses that are crucial for a web designer to become skilled at. These courses will certainly help you gain the excellent knowledge and skills. Here follow our major courses:

  • UI/UX Training: Plan and build a web page that has a perfect look and feel with appropriate structure
  • HTML: Build website using HTML, which is the language widely used for creating World Wide Web
  • AngularJS: Help to create the most powerful and feature-rich web applications along-side with the help of open-source JavaScript MVC framework
  • Responsive designing: This will include handling the challenges of designing the website according to the screen size of various devices
  • PHP: Create dynamic design with realistic, sensible and fast PHP scripting language
  • WordPress: The most popular open-source platform for web designing, which help to create custom themes and applications
  • Magento: Helps to create highly professional ecommerce website that can offer best shopping experience to the visitors
Learn more from Think IT:

Think IT also creates you an opportunity to learn more about web designing, which can help to improve your overall skills and enter into the industry as a professional. In this axis our curriculum will also include:

  • Designing an application
  • Application tools / layout designing
  • Understanding grid system / Various design layout
  • Working with styles
  • Gif animation
  • Understanding color palette
  • Prepare HTML conversion / Slicing layouts
Understanding Terminologies:
  • Section tags
  • HTML media / content tags
  • Media queries
  • Forms
  • CSS3 Flexbox / Transforms / Animations
  • Forms
  • Bootstrap interactive elements
  • Mobile framework
  • JQuery Framework / DOM Manipulation / JQuery events / UI component
  • HTML5 API and more

Our web designing courses are easy to learn, yet it is effective. Undeniably, every candidate successfully completing our web designing course can expect to get excellent career opportunity and attractive salary, getting placed in top companies across the globe.

Besides, our training program will also build the confident in you to become a successful freelancer by taking web designing projects directly from individual clients and companies. Undeniably, our training program can make you a successful web designing professional with all essential and advanced skills.

We also provide you counselling, which can help you gain a better idea of our web designing courses and training program available right from basic to advanced levels.

To know more about our web designing courses and training program, visit our website Or Call to our support executive at: 044 4265 7099, 09566182378

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